Wind Chime Using Old Keys

Wind music of old keys 1

Probably, every family has a warehouse of useless things. Would not it be great to find them a new life! Do you have such an opportunity: buy a second life to old keys 🙂

So, we need:

1. Keys.

In my practice, I have been manufacturing wind music experience of old keys. I want to warn at once: hollow keys, we will not do, they are not heard, we need the key alloy. I decided not to repeat them, and to find the key of all shapes and sizes on the same instance.

2. Gold enamel sprays acrylic enamel in the bank.

3. twine, thread floss.

4. Beads.

5. Sleigh Bells (bells).

6. Glue.

In my work I use glue for ceiling tiles: it has no color, smells strong, sticks together firmly, but easily washed by hand.

7. Wire for needlework.

So, we picked up the keys and the five bells ringing now prepare them for painting, I posted them in a metal cover. Then be sure to get out into the fresh air. In the film we begin to spray paint, coloring our Keys thoroughly on both sides. Keys dried up and that’s what we got: Now zaymёmsya basis for our wind music: it must be a hoop. I chose a hoop with a diameter of 16 cm and only took the inner ring. Then we wrapped tightly wrap string: Then wrap wrapped diagonally thread floss: we use the soft blue color, in the future, it will overlap with the wind elements of music: It’s time to choose the color scheme, which will determine the beads and beads. We are making mounts for our base for our share of the circle into four equal parts and connect them strictly in the middle of the circle: Now we count the number of keys. Cut as much thread sewing with each subsequent thread should be slightly longer than the previous one, a sort of stage. Attach a simple winding thread on the base in use glue. Next is the long and laborious part of the work: for each thread strung beads and beads in this order, as the heart desires and tastes! After the beads are strung and left a small tip of the thread we attach the first key: Key put on the glue, thread wrapped neatly around the tab key. And so we are working with each thread. It follows that each subsequent key hung lower, but touched the previous one. After several hours of hard work, we are ready for the next step. Change the attachment to a neat and durable. We decorate our foundation. To do this, use a wire of gold color and crystals – drops of blue. Do not forget about the beads. Wires are twisted into a spiral, arbitrarily adding beads and crystals. It turns out delicate wreath that  our foundation. Entwine our foundation’s how beautiful it turns out: I key tone seemed warm enough and I decided to cover them paint a rich golden color. Gloves I never use, but you advise. Although the paint and so very easily washed away with warm water unnecessary chemical exposure to the skin you do not need. Now for the bells. Fasten each thread and tie them in a bundle, but so that each bell was on a different level. We hang the bells in the center of the composition, and enjoy 🙂 To all heard the wonderful sound.

Make a papier-mache cow using an empty water bottle and toilet paper rolls – Step By Step

cow 01 1

Required Material:
Two big plastic bottles, the more rigid the better
4 toilet paper tubes
Shoelace for the tail
Cocktail straws for the udder
Wooden toothpicks
Knife, scissors, and all
Crafts glue
Paint and brushes
And a lot of old newspapers
1. First of all, let’s make the tail. Pierce a hole in the bottle’s bottom, thread a shoelace through it so that its end reaches the bottleneck and tie a knot there. Then pull the knot inside the bottle.

Tie another knot outside the bottle, as close to the bottle as you can (the second knot isn’t shown in the photo). Add a crumpled piece of a newspaper to the outer part of the bottom if needed, secure it using masking tape. Masking tape is used widely in paper-mache because you can glue paper easily onto it.

The rear part of the cow looks like this:

2. I used a bottle with a special shape to make the neck, but your cow can be without a neck at all, that’s OK. You have only to make ears and snout. You might also want to add two horns if you like. For the snout remove the bottle’s neck to get a little bit wider opening.

Fold a thick strip of newspaper and roll it into a tight “snail”. Leave a short loose end.

Secure the snail with a piece of masking tape, and insert its end into the opening. Attach it with another piece of tape.

3. The ears can be made from another bottle. Leave a small rectangle at one end of each ear when you cut it out, then make two slits in the head and insert the rectangles into the slits.

Using this trick I wanted to create the right shape and rigidness for the paper mache ears.

This is how the head looks like when done.

4. Toilet paper tubes wanted to be cow’s legs, and we let them.

Make two semicircular cuts one opposite the other at one end of the tube where it will be connected to the bottle.

Attach the tubes using masking tape.

In this photo, you can see a leg with a hoof, the tail, and the udder. So, let’s make the udder.

5. We are about to make treats out of drinking straws (pink ones:)

Crumple a small ball from a newspaper, then make a U from a straw and pierce two holes in the places where it bends. Insert toothpicks through these holes and stick them into the paper ball.

Cut the toothpicks if needed. Make another pair of teats and attach the rudder to the body. The horizontal part of U will be covered with paper.

6. It’s time for papier-mache layers. We had 6 to 7 layers of pieces of newspaper dipped into craft glue mixed with water. Use a stronger glue mixture and white newspaper margins for the upper layers. You might want to check out other Web resources for basic and advanced papier-mache techniques, for example Getting Started with Papier Mache.

7. Decorate your cow, paint or glue a pair of eyes. That’s it.