DIY Miniature Dollhouse From Straw

learn this very easy doll house made with straws for barbie life in the dream house. How to make Paper house or doll house with straws. Dollhouse with straws. Awesome doll house with straws. Miniature doll house. How to make a house using paper and straws. Awesome house for Barbie dream life.

DIY Easy Straw Flower (Tutorial)

Straw flower crafts and Straw weaving. … at Family Fun.

Required Materials:

  1. 8 straw
    2. Scissor
    3. Glue gun
    4. Cotton balls wrapped with white plastic carry bag
    5. Glass beads or mustard seeds
    6. Iron wire 0.3 mm and needle
    7. Iron wire for the stem
    8. Flower tape
    9. Green paper

Hope you like this tutorial.