Paper Quilling – How to Make Key chain from Quilling Art

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful paper quilling key chain at home just in 4 minute. You need not to be worry if you haven’t done any paper quilling activity before,you will find this video quite simple. You just need to follow easy steps. Making key chain with paper is one of the best quilling ideas you will ever find! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Material Required:

  • Quilling Strip
  • Slotted tool
  • Comb
  • Key Ring
  • Glue


1) Take one quilling strip and roll it on comb tooth (as shown in video)

2) Now, fold that design into half and paste another quilling strip on it as done in video.

3) Repeat above steps for more design.

4) Now, take 3 quilling strip of different color and roll it using quilling needle.Paste all the petals on that circle to form a flower.

5) After pasting all the petals together,cover that flower with another quilling strip and hang key ring on that flower. (as shown in video)

You Can Watch the Video Tutorial

Your beautiful DIY paper quilling key chain is ready. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned for more crafting tutorial.

Everyone loves to keep beautiful key chain. How wonderful it would be to make your own key chain at home! Crafting Hours brings you this exciting DIY Crafts activity on paper quilling to help you learn how to make key chain with paper!

How to make paper key chain


You will not believe it – this keychain made from hands … paper! But for this kind does not say. How deceptive appearance! I invite you to a master class on making this keychain! Take any glossy magazine and on tighter, then beads that you will do more volume. With the help of scissors and cut the line of the paper pattern for our beads. The width of the upper portion of a strip of 3 cm and tapers towards the bottom strip. Then take a toothpick or any other thin stick and begin to wind our strip The tip of the smeared glue and screw the strip to the end To make it clear here The beads can be made different by changing the shape of the template You need to get here are beads Then you attach the beads to your keychain. And yet! Your unusual keychain is ready, which will now only you!WARNING: Cover paper beads NOT varnish, they lose their appearance!