How to Make a Ice Cream Stick House for Baby Doll

Many of us aspire to, to make toys for the children with their own hands.
Strictly speaking, it’s very simple. Only need to stock up on patience to allocate free time, as well as a hundred percent, use their imagination. This toy will be a child more expensive the purchase, because he watched every step of its creation, and older children can participate, or even do it yourself according to our instructions.

Required Material:

– box of yogurt or sour milk thoroughly washed and dried;
– Glue “Moment”;
– sticks of ice-cream;
– putty;
– paints;
– scissors;
– thread;
– beads;
– ribbons and so on.
So we have to carry out the following work steps:

Step 1. Gluing sticks

Take an empty box and cuts it with scissors three windows and one door.
Then take a stick and start to stick them to the outer walls of the box.

It turns out something like this.

Some sticks have to be cut because the distance of the window to get a little. Next, in the same way, you need to paste over the door, here such it will be.

Step 2. Primer

Now we do two important things: First, take the matches, glue them crosswise and attach to the windows. Secondly, we take a first coat (acrylic paint, or ordinary bar to correct inaccuracies in the text) and start to paint it white, our sticks.

It turns out something like this.

Then do the roof. To do this, glue sticks on top, wait until the glue is dry, and then paint them with white paint. That’s what we do.

Then, from the sticks, we do a kind of basis for our lodge.

It turns out a pretty white house.

Step 3. Prettification and decoration

Now it’s time to decorate our house. You can use ordinary ink: gouache or watercolor. Choose any favorite color and proceed to our work.

And then, when the paint dries, boldly take the hands off the hook, thread, beads, ribbons. We begin to glue them to our house. So we do our creation is simply unique.
See how the house was transformed!

And such a miracle, you can make your own hands, spending is about 3 hours time. At the same time, you get a finished toy for your child, as well as through contact with the world of beauty experience real aesthetic pleasure!
Go for it, you will succeed!

From sticks of ice cream, you can do a lot of interesting things.

courtesy: podelki-doma

DIY Miniature Dollhouse From Straw

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How to make a recycled cardboard dollhouse

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RECYCLED CRAFT: An amazing dollhouse from cardboard.

What I share with you today are of those things that when I see for the first time leave me speechless. Unique things, creations that surprise you completely. What they see is a beautiful dollhouse … I can not believe? I was like! But let that show them.

This is a very special creation. It’s a dollhouse Victorian style . Its creator, Caroletta, is a lover of houses for dolls since childhood and this creation took him a week to do it.

All emerged as a concern of what could be done with materials he had at home, which was similar to what she did small to make their own dollhouses. And came leverage a cardboard box that had made purchases online.

The result is a true work of art, is not it? At the base material, the box, he added papier mache, acrylic paint and wooden sticks.

I can not help but feel admiration for your work! And see a step by step how he did it.

Hope you like this tutorial. Stay tuned with us.