How to make applique of flower thread

Applique of flower thread 1

Application of the thread is one of the most popular among children in the arts and crafts. This is explained by that love, especially the use of soft-touch material and the ability to create it using a variety of figures. Just like applications can be attached to the children’s envelopes that would decorate them, which are designed to extract the baby from the hospital or just used in everyday life. Going to the official store Choupette, you will find a large selection of such envelopes. There are reasonable prices and the best quality of items to suit all tastes.

In addition, the application helps to develop perseverance, accuracy, logical thinking, imagination, attention.

Let’s look at how to make a flower applique from threads for children 4-5 years old with his hands. Before that, we check the availability of all the necessary materials:

1. Color cardboard (green, A4);
2. PVA glue;
3. Scissors;
4. Wool thread (red and yellow).

Now we start to do applique:

1. In the middle of the sheet put a drop of glue PVA (approximately 1.5 cm in diameter). Then take a yellow woolen thread and wrapped with a spiral in this area.

2. Next, draw with glue of our first petals of a flower . You can do this by eye, and can be pre-lightly to shape a pencil. 3. Cut stubby strings. Again, it is possible for the eyes. In the process of bonding threads on board, we have them cut to the required length.4. Base flower is ready. Now go to the red thread.
5. Repeat the process of glue and spread on top of the red woolen thread yellow.6. Once all the red petals we are ready, we can slightly adjust the home-made.
7. Fill in the gaps with yellow and red threads.8. Continue to increase the pitch. Glue the yellow threads.
9. At the end make a red outline of a flower . 10. After the artifact is ready, paint the leaves of different sizes. Place each leaf may be different and depend on the center of the composition. Very often kids shift from the center of the image that should be considered. Then the number of leaves may be more than one party. Also, it is necessary to explain the kiddies that large leaves are better placed at the bottom of the format, and balance them more small. 11. Once the contours of leaves glued, making streaks. Upon completion of the work set around a flower drops of glue, cut the yellow thread length of approximately 0.6 cm and glue them. Thus, we make a simulation of pollen floating in the air. Applique Flower from threads ready!

DIY: baby booties crochet for beginners

Booties 11

Needed yarn and 5 needles (I semenovskaya Olga yarn 100g / 392m, needles №2)
Dial loops 40, 10 on each needle
Knit pattern:
1, 2 row – facial;
3 – purl;
4 – with two front, nakida, etc .;
5 – face;
6 – purl;
7, 8 – facial;
Then repeat 3 times 2 – 8 rows.
Next 2 rows knit facial;
In the next row each spoke vyvyazat 2 “holes” (on each spoke 1p.- knit front and two together as the front, nakida, 3n -. Face, the two together as a face, nakida, 2n -. Facial).
Next 5 rows knit facial loops.
Then knit tab:
On a working number knitting needle 2 move 2 more loops with needles number 1 and number 3, received 12 loops, the remaining 28 should be postponed or so and left them on three needles (№1 – 9 loops, №2 – 12 loops №3 – 9 loops, №4 – 10 loops) or transfer them to other circular needles (and line) or the pin knitting.
On 12 loops (spoke №2) knit pattern:
1, 2 row – facial;
3rd row – along two front, nakida, etc .;
4, 5, 6 row – purl;
Next 3 times repeat rows 1-6.
Next 4 rows stocking st (on the front side – the front surface of) .Poluchilas upper part of the foot.
Dial on the lateral parts of the newly connected top of booties on 10 stitches and put into operation the remaining loops, distributing them on the needles as follows: on the first spoke 10 loops (toe), the second and fourth of 20 loops (lateral parts), the third spoke 10 loops (the heel). A total of 60 loops.
Knit 12 rows garter st in a circle (alternating rows and rows backstitches facial loops).
Next 7 rows stocking st, 8 th row.
Snap to the first of the 7-series. I tie this way: on the extra needle loops dress series, which binds the base web. Then I provyazyvayu 2 loops at the same time, with 2 spokes.
Temporarily put aside all the loops, except the 10 stitches middle portion (heel) and knit them out of the sole. Knit the front stitch, at the end of each row of the last loop of the sole provyazyvaem together with the next loop of the number of pending, is obtained from left and right. When all loops are knit side parts, close the loop toe and heel loop, sew the edge of a knitted stitch (you can twist on the wrong side and knit series in the two loops together, one at a time with the other spokes with spokes №2 №4).