How to Mend Jeans Holes in Cutest Way

Mending or a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending. From patches to pom poms, you can sew just about anything in, over or behind a tear to make it look fun and playful.

Use this as a way to incorporate your child’s personality into their clothes. Ask them what they might like, and do the job together. Not only is this a way to recycle clothes, but it is a way to spend time together instead of being at a shopping mall.

Hope you like these cute ideas of mend jeans holes.

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How to Make Bracelets Recycling Plastic Bottles

Let handmade the perfect bracelet to summer.Colorful and cute this bracelet ♥ you do what is made from plastic bottles and It would be able to easily immediately,so why not try to make?

Required Material:

  1. Plastic Bottle
  2. Scissor
  3. Iron
  4. Nail Polish
  5. Abro Tape

2. Take abro tape and sticks it around the bottle.

3. Cut the exhact shape of tape part.

4. Remove tape from it.

5. After Removing tape it’s look like this.


6. Make edges smooth and round using iron see how i did.

7. After we made both sides smooth edges its look like this.

8. Take your favorite color and apply to this.

9. Use nail polish for design.

10. Finally its look like this, you can make your own design in same way.

Here is final result