Sew Chinese-Style Jacket Button Ideas

Oriental style jacket, made of intense pink dupion silk. Simple pattern with 3/4 “kimono” sleeves, front closure with buttonholes and buttons, side seam pockets and openings in the bass, and is trimmed with a “live filling” of red color, all around it.

Detail of the interior polished (Views of the front and the hems) Detail of the front closure

Handmade covered buttons tutorial-

To make this type of buttons, we must have as a base, a button lined with the same fabric to be used, and a strip to the polished bias, approximately 5 to 7 mm. Wide.

The first step will be to hold the principle of the strip in the center of the button and on the base fabric. We continue lining the button, overlapping the next turns so that they join in the center, where we will hold with some stitches. We finish covering the whole button, and sew the last turn through the back of the strip, being careful not to move the needle to the outside. Backwards: We pass the strip of cloth between the turns of the lattice, and we cut the excess length. Finally, we firmly tighten all the fabric turns, uniting them together so as not to leave any visible “chassis” space. We also try to free the “eye” or “clip” where the button is to be sewn. This will be the finished button appearance, the reverse. And finished button appearance.

DIY: Safety pin feather jacket

DIY Safety pin feather jacket

You’ll need:
  • Safety Pins (about 100 per feather)
  • E-6000 glue
  • 12″ of rhinestone chain per feather
  • Pencil

1.  Position the rhinestone chain on the back of your jacket.  This will be the spine of the feather.
2.  Draw a line where you want it to be.
3.  Add a thin layer of E-6000 glue to the line
4.  Place your chain on the glue and let it dry for about 1/2 hour.

5.  Starting 5″ from the bottom of the chain, start adding safety pins  evenly up each side.  6.  Continue at an angle so that it looks like a feather. 7.  Create a point at the top. 8. Add smaller safety pins at the base to create “fluff”.I added 3 feathers to this jacket Source