How to make golden grapes of jute and burlap


just come to mind)) wanted to unload the brain ……… leaves close bunch on another background So what we need for the creation of this masterpiece
in the image is not everything, just do not think that something will turn
3.glue titanium .pva .pistolet
4.needle, a crochet hook
5. branch
6.paint spray We are doing curls mustache. omit the twine in the PVA and wound onto the spoke. I reeled at the tip of the gum to keep. Dried on the battery here is a more two piece of twine, his coat with titanium and glue it together at the end of two whorls He drew a sheet could vine, planted by the file. a file on a path smeared titanium on top of the burlap.
on sackcloth also the contour of the glue and twine list.vsё spread out to dry.
nail scissors and then cut out the contour. burlap tore through 3 yarn wrapped pieces of delay. taped to the leaves . Now you can bend the leaf. foam cut into pieces 2 / 2sm.namatyvayu they split, forming tangles. wrapped berry leaving the tip of 15-20 cm 2-3 thread misses the hook pull the loop, and miss the end, tighten. berry ready Well, Circuits ready berries did 35 pieces. take the berries for berry and sticking a gun. twisting the ends in a circle in the middle of the glue dripping .prikleiv 10 pcs berries, the short ends are starting to cut,
so it was no more than seven in all cyst. yagodki2-3 glued pieces, cut off another short tail. (like clearly written) forming a bunch, one end of the grape wrapped in a circle all the ends, lubricate pistol strip all the excess, leaving two of the longest Bunch binds the two remaining ends and are formed by titanium two antennae. He hung on the wall to glue gun was easier loop. mustache wrapped around a piece of wood and glued the end to the gun. one sheet painted before to check the paint will fall. sticking leaves and tendrils like how to fill the void.
taped and carried to the balcony neighbors poison paint smell small leaf and tendril at the end of a piece of wood voila after  leaves and joints on carrying blёstochek little bit …. well, and are now looking for a place to which to attach. It is perched in the corridor … And this has already been made to order with the frame .good mood to all of you !