How to Make Fan of Cardboard and Newspaper Tubes

show you how smart fan can be made of cardboard and newspaper tubes. It turns out a wonderful decoration for the interior or a present for the little princess. Below you will find a lot of ideas from the pages of Internet and detailed photo workshop by Anna Kruchko to create a fan. You will learn how without a compass and a template with a pencil and rope, you can draw a semicircle, as well as how to turn the tube from the newspapers, that to this day remains relevant to many of my readers), I wish you all success in the weaving of the newspapers, and always good mood!
Let’s start with a template for the manufacture of a fan. For work, we need cardboard, stationery knife, pen or pencil, rope or strong thick thread, ruler At the end of the rope tying the knot for the rod handle or a pencil So, with this simple design is possible to draw a semi-circle of any radius. Measured from the center of 35 cm and draw a semicircle Another semi-circle at the height of 30 cm Draw two lines even at an altitude of 25 and 20 cm The last line – height 10 cm Marks the point at a height of 17 cm and draw a line From the line measured from the 3 cm So, now it is possible to cut out a template office knife For fans, we need one more template Now look, how to twist the tube from newspapers or magazine pages templates ready tube also now begin to create a fan) That’s all, now you can paint, varnish and decorate to your taste