Gift Wrapping Techniques


You will need: paper, tape, glue, thread
Cut and glue the paper in such a way to get the tube. In this case – the ducts 7
Each tube will need the bottom and the top, it needs to cut slices of the required diameter.
To those who are “top” glue “tongue of flame.” And to those who will be bottomed, here are pasted strips of paper. Actually, stick to the bottom of the tube will be just with them. Once glued bedplate, let the glue dry. Then fill the tube with gifts – be it sweets, Towelie, socks, handkerchiefs, etc. .
After that, cover with slices of the tube with the “flame”. Then tie the tubes together. This IC is used for this same tape, which was made of “flame” candles.

How to make beautiful watermelon candle

watermelon candle

As a form as usual using the box of juice 1.5 liter: cut the length and form a “bag”

4 Form a face like that. Firmly connect the tape.

Insert the wick. I fixed the tip follows that the wax does not flow: obmatala tightly with tape, then the reliability of all obmatala tightly with cling film in several layers (in the photo without the film). Wrapped right to the end of the form, or paraffin and melted bitter will run into any crack

Wax melts, add the desired color crayons

Strengthens the wick and begin to fill: red, white, green. Each subsequent layer after drying the previous pour

We are waiting for the complete drying of the candle and release from form. Carefully prune irregularities and wick. Here I made a mistake, do not repeat it: because candle cooked at night, anxious to look at rezuttat for faster solidification put the candle on the balcony, in the cold. The result you see in the picture: the wax during solidification gave cracks. Paraffin – no soap, you can not speed up the process of hardening the cold !!!

Bones candle with black paint marker

And here is the result. Voila !!!’

Thanks to all

How to make decoupage candle – Step By Step

decoupage candle 1

We need the pages of a glossy magazine, wick, wax, scissors, tape.
Decided to form a cone-shaped. To do this from the magazine “kulechki”, after inserting the wick, the whole construction fix tape. Is melted paraffin and fill the blanks. We are waiting for complete solidification.

Here are our candles (wanted to make a series of different-sized candles, united by one pattern, but unfortunately my long candle fell during solidification, so I will digest it) chose to decoupage napkins with a floral pattern (tulips)

Cut along the contour drawing is applied on the candle so as we would like it (I like the flowers will grow from the bottom to the fetelku candles). For the most decoupage we need a candle and a spoon.

Heat up a spoon over a candle on the inside (note the spoon is smoked, so we will smooth the napkin convex side of the net), and gently begin to smooth circular drawing motion, starting from the middle. Under the hot wax begins to melt spoon and a napkin as if fused into the candle. Similarly, I am doing the back side of the candle

We get the result. In principle, everything is ready, but I wanted to give the amount of the drawing using a wax marker: the bottom of the candle and surveyed the contour color gold color.

It seems to be not a bad second candle melted down and make them even third – the baby. Result later

How to decore wedding candle

quick rangoli 3

Let’s start:
Candle drained from the wax. Form – a big plastic glass of 5

We get here this form. Carefully cut and edge vyravnimaem

The candle is ready. Getting decor. I took a self-adhesive paper and drew a desired pattern (in my case – Hearts)

Cut, that’s what happened

Stuck on the candle

A white candle , and our hearts will not be seen, so its tint acrylic contours and candle marker

Next trick – we paint on this technology: take an ordinary plastic bag, drop into the paint our candle (get a rough outline of a divorce)

We reserve our candle dried.
Note: The main tear hearts before the paint dries !!!!! Then, drawing the edges are straight – otherwise the paint will last !!!!!
Meanwhile a plate – I have already pre-painted in the same way

We need: beads, pink, plastic (molded itself), the adhesive

So, paste the roses and large beads

Then add beads

And in the end all decorate loop, that’s what got. Skeet – ready !!!!

We return to our candle. We emphasize the contour of the figure wax marker

For decorative use the same rose and beads, pre-strung them on the needles (to our entire structure is firmly held, glue using a minimum). I took half of the pins, or just a hard wire.Roses strung still raw, and beads on the needle glued on the glue.
To the candle is not cracked, heat the needle before sticking

And decorate, first rose

Then the large beads

On the adhesive glue beads

Wax marker concludes decor

That’s what happened in the end

Thanks to all who looked!