DIY: Beautiful basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes

Basket with flowers ribbons and plastic boxes 1

Materials and tools:

  • Feed baskets for a width of 12 mm – about 10 m
  • ribbon roses – a few pieces of different-colored ribbons
  • wire – 30-35 cm
  • plastic box of tooth powder
  • single-rod pin
  • pliers or wire cutters
  • compass
  • marker

With the help of a compass and a marker markup space for the pins. At the bottom of my box already I have a circle, so I put a uniform on it 26 points for pins. But it was not on the cover of the circle, so first draw a compass with two needles circle at a distance of about 1 cm from the edge and also divide it into 26 parts.

We put in the pin marked with a point.

Bending the tape in half, fasten it with a pin. Begin braid a box, watching to fold the tape was sent to one side. When he reached the first pin, not crisscrossing it, go to the bottom pins and begin to braid their knots (clockwise).

Make 3 rows of knots (photo 08) and pull the free end of the ribbon through the hole at the first row.

Gently straighten tape, closing the place start and end of the braid and the box itself translate the tape on the top row of pins. The upper pins also entwine with 3 rows of knots, cut the ribbon and fasten it with a pin inside the basket.

We correct all pins in such a way that they are of equal height and arranged in a circle.

Bending the wire for the handle and by bending the ends for attachment to the basket, we begin to braid her loopy seam tape.

Is twisted braid to create a bump better to do it right, do not crisscrossing the entire pen.

Attach the handle to the basket symmetric, pinching “ears” with pliers handles. On ears tie the ribbon and make a bow.

Making a rose of satin ribbons, or other colors.

With the help of pins fastened flowers in the basket.