How to make a bed for Barbie dolls – Step By step

bed for Barbie dolls 1

Today we talk about a double bed for a loving and gentle doll couple.
And it was so ……

Look, conceived I then himself bed make sketch already sketched out … How do you help?
– Why not help – smiling Max – with the right!

they took a piece of polyethylene foam

chopped and glued glue “moment”, but followed that to the length and width is the just right bed was

How well that a close friend is always ready to help!

that lie, both on the beach ……

the back of the bed is assembled from three elements

sheathe her pink crepe satin helped herself Julia

feet bed carved solid, stable, from the same polyethylene foam. and also sheathed with a cloth.

When the legs and rest were sewn to the bed, it has become more or less finished look

Gleb does not miss the opportunity to feed Julia light dinner on the new bed)))))) (for some reason he always thinks that she eats little)))

from a piece of foam on the bed sewed comfortable mattress

A top – a sheet

She lay down good)))

Blankets have the very thing that Julia embroidered Gleb freebie

And now – the fun !!! Top cover – for beauty which is embroidered with lace and pearls and sequins

And the amazing thing … !!! On the underside, the white side also got a good result!

Sew to the veil “apron” and admire the white side

Overturn veil – and get pleasure from the pink side

now sew the pillow … look at it … surprise grimacing, frowning, twisting his lips and a puzzled trying to understand how in a time of sewing one small pillow at the person might abyss all sense of proportion and taste … yeah … we refer to this product in the trash and safely it to reset:

the pillow we come from a very different end – make them as cover – two-color – large pillows for dad-bear (pink side)

and white

Medium pillows – to bear mom)))) pink side

and a white side

and very tiny pillows for a little Mishutka))) pink face

and white

So we get two completely different design of the bed – soft like a peach petal – white

and rich, luxurious – pink

Julia already was putting the last pillow and suddenly: “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh !!! Hleb, CUTE, IMMEDIATELY CALL Aunt Frida !!!!!!! “-” Of course, my dear, is already calling that, beginning “(and he even scared)?

Aunt Frida arrived promptly helped and three hours later we had a girl

Gleb could not hide feelings – “Dear, you have me so well done, so clever !!!!!!!”

My Girl, I love you