How to Make an Basic Explosion Gift Box

Basic Explosion Gift Box: Today, to share the basic gift box production process, need to prepare the material is very simple, but as long as coupled with your creativity, you can make a new full of full, unique gift box!

Required Material:

● ruler, crimping pen
● scissors, utility knife, cutting pad
● double-sided adhesive, round
● A sheet of 39 * 39CM paper is made as an outer layer
( the paper on the outer layer is as thick as possible).
• A sheet of 23.5 * 23.5CM is made of a sheet of paper
• A sheet of 36 * 36CM is made of medium
● A 33 * 33CM paper is made of inner layer
● Decorated pattern paper and ribbon

Take the first 39 * 39CM paper to do the outer layer, each side is divided into three sections 13CM painted Jiugongge, four corners of the square to draw a line. Step2.
Take a 13 * 13CM paper on the folding cut a love as a model, in the four corners on the mark, the extra part of the cut off, folded in accordance with the fold line, coupled with the decorative love, the outer layer to do The. Step3.
Part of the cover to remove the 23.5 * 23.5CM paper, the inside of the 5 cm draw line, the figure will be removed part of the slash, in accordance with the polyline will be four sides stick together, the lid is completed.
Then we have to do the middle part of the pocket, according to the size of the figure to draw a broken line, a good direction to cut four knives, after folding with double-sided adhesive bonding; bonding will find two grid side will grow a little, so the long sides of the cut, the middle also completed!
(you can also use the shape of a puncher for decoration)
Step 5.
Remove the 33 * 33CM paper, draw a pencil to draw each section of the 11CM Jiugongge, the four sides of the square to remove, and then chamfer chamfer; Finally, all the parts combination, and then tied to the ribbon, the basic The gift box is finished!

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The art of embroidery dates back several thousand years. No one knows for certain when or where it originated, but it was an important part of early Chinese culture. Embroidered silk garments have been found in the tombs of wealthy Chinese aristocrats who died before the Common Era. Ancient examples of custom embroidery have also been uncovered in Egypt and Turkey.


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