DIY Shattered Glass Nail Art – Step by step Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to DIY shattered glass nail art with this step-by-step. There are so many great trends and looks to try that we can’t help but write about all of them. So, bear with us as we fan girl for a bit about shattered glass nails and how it’s, quite possibly, one of the most inventive trends of the social media age.

Step-1: Every manicure begins with soft, moisturized cuticles, so grab your favorite cuticle oil and massage those cuticles like your life depends on it.

Step 2: Once the oil has been absorbed by the cuticles, wipe off any excess oil on the nail with rubbing alcohol. Removing the oil from your nails will make the manicure last longer without chipping.   Be sure to only remove the oil from the nail, not the cuticle.

Step-3: Let’s start with a base coat. The one used here is Quo by Orly Strong Bond.

Base coats help nail polish stick to the nail bed for a longer period of time, so be sure to always use one and apply a thin layer.

Step-4: After the base coat dries, apply black nail polish as your base color. The nail used in this tutorial is Formula X by Sephora in the color Dark Matter.

While this look can be done with any base color, the most striking shattered glass effect is with black. Feel free to use white, emerald green or neon pink. A viewer recommended trying this look with matte black polish in order to make the glass even more pronounced.

Step-5: Now we’re going to create the shattered glass effect. First, pick up a packet of iridescent cellophane from your local craft store.

Next, cut the cellophane into small triangles (these will be your “shards”). The triangles can be in a variety of sizes and triangular shapes. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Careful not to cut yourself now.

Step-6: Before applying the shards, apply a clear top coat.

Step-7: Now we’re getting to the fun part: the cellophane shards! Pick up each shard with a wax pencil or wet toothpick.

When placing the shards, leave a little space between each one to make it genuinely look like broken glass.

Step-8: Snip any outlying edges of cellophane off your nails.

Step-9: Now it’s time to seal the deal with a top coat. The top coat in this tutorial is Gel-Setter by Essie.

You may need to apply two coats to keep the shards in place.

Consider your nails shattered.

Watch the full video tutorial here:

We hope you liked this Glass Nails tutorial.

Image source: Cute Polish

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