How to make casket in a heart shape


Belt width 5,8sm, 40cm length, twisted on needle 1,5. tube paint for the eggs. Two coats of an acrylic clear coat. At the bottom of decoupage and varnish. Dimensions: 30 * 22 * 10.Businy wood. However, everything in order.

Well, something to help beginners. It said loudly, that it will be a master class. I share what I can. Photographer I useless. Well, what happened, what happened. So … cut to form two cartons

Measured basis, divide the desired distance between the stanchions. If you can not without a trace, corrects the distance. I got 1,8sm. Normally, less is better. Postpones 1.8, starting from the center of the “heart” It turned out this way … I prepare the paper and more … The paper pasted on cardboard with white glue and left to dry. A bit dry and put under load, so as not curled hours on 12. The process of bonding is not removed, fascinated.
While the bottom of a dry, paint tubes. Expanding to dry and leave everything until the morning. And in the morning for a surprise. That such a result is obtained. Apparently, the tubes were caught from different parties. I hope that will be enough of a color. Clay “Titan” pasting tube Top pasting the front of the bottoms. The process of gluing napkins too missed. Well, not all at once. Decoupage do with the file. I put the napkin “face” down at the file, pour some water into the center of a little and start to lift the edges to Vodicka gradually distributed on a napkin and no wrinkles. I add a little brush continue to keep raise for all parties. Try to keep the water before the time has not got to the edge (tear). When there is only the edge unglued, helping brush. When the napkin is flat, without wrinkles on the file, carefully poured the water and turn on the bedplate, smoothes. I remove the file from top to drip screed and PVA brush. Land. Yes! Two hearts are glued together, too, putting under pressure until it sets. It is better to wait a little longer. Clay grabbed. I begin to braid rope bottom of a single row. I lift the rack and begin to weave a rope in the two tubes. Get out of shape, that’s what happened. The result is not pleased with what’s nose turned out. It was necessary to equate the braid after varnishing. close: in front of the two, in the third It remains the last three tubes. The first of them is bent before the two and slips under the first rack start crisscrossing. Second-on rising: before the third and the inside of the first braided basket for the second braided out by drawing Fotik agreed to work only to that frame. I had to finish without him. And it is you! This beauty blossomed in my yard, and I am very pleased.

How to make heart shape box

Heart 1

With this heart, I was going to participate in the competition “generous heart”. It so happened that I had done and pictures of the process on the last day of work for the competition. It – heart box-box, which can be stored for very different small things. And here’s a surprise! This tiny origami hearts. And these little notes with very necessary, Required Materials:
1. Ready-made heart shaped box.
2. Corrugated.
3.Craft paper for sketches (80 g and 200 g).
4. Sacking.
5. Jute twine.
6. PVA glue.
7. White inkpad.
8. Punchers embossed “Buttons” with a diameter of 13 mm and 25 mm.
9. Scissors.

I was like this snow-white heart box. It is a small box of a set of 3 boxes, dolls of cardboard beer. It is a very long time waiting in the wings. I still could not figure out how and why to issue it. And then an art project, a competition, and the idea has earned! I start with a surprise. I wanted to make little origami hearts of kraft paper for sketches (80 g). Folding.Here is the . I square 5×5 cm. Ready hearts tinted white ink pad. I really like these hearts! We with my students often do them. The heart has a pocket where you can put a note, souvenir or sweetness. However, I was the slightly pasted hearts front flap to the inner corner to the pocket has become more formalized. And the side corners folded differently. In the original MK proposed bend them back, and I replaced these folds with a “recessed inward” and too little glue. It prints on the same kraft paper, which makes up the hearts, the most important words. Cut the sheet into rectangles 5h3,5 cm so that each piece was one word. Twist rectangle tubes, the ends of the smoked white pad and put on a note in every heart. On the front side of each heart pasted a piece of burlap 2×2 cm. Because of kraft paper for sketches weight of 200 g cut down the little buttons using a hole punch embossed “Buttons” with a diameter of 13 mm. Glue them to the stiffness of 3 pieces pile and also smoked. He slipped into the holes thin jute twine … … And bandaged hearts. That’s how it looks from the other side. Ready hearts. I estimate the cover design of heart boxes. From the sheet of packaging, cardboard cut out the heart, circling the box cover. I smoked white pad. I have no retail box (large) corrugated board and more shallow. This sheet was embedded in some packages, I do not remember from under that. To sustain style folded another heart origami from the same paper (9×9 cm square). Also, I smoked. Attach a piece of burlap 4×4 cm. Has made  a button with a diameter of 2.5 cm (glued together 5 pieces) smoked. He slipped into the holes buttons thick jute twine and tied a bow. I tried “wrap” the heart of twine (slipped the ends of pieces of string under a layer of cardboard). Liked. I decided to add three small buttons, as heart-surprises. They must first “sew” crosswise thin twine, glue the ends on the wrong side buttons. The end cap pasted strip of corrugated cardboard, ink pad walked on slices. Samu box also plastered strip  and tied with string. Now you’re done! Heart box is empty. And then, finally, Surprise hearts take their place! Boll is not filled to the top, so you can add to it more and more hearts!

Holiday generous heart is almost over, and I’m just showing my work. But to love and to express their feelings do not just a holiday! The heart is never too much! And words, the main, it is necessary, too many do not happen in this moment!

Love and giving the most important words to those who are dear to you every day!

Jewelry Box in Heart shape (Reels of Adhesive Tape)

Casket in a heart 1

For this we need:

– 2 reels of wide tape,
– The size of a sheet of chipboard 30h30sm. and 2 mm thick. (You can of beer cardboard and other.)
– Glue (I Moment Crystal)
– Design paper (or cloth) for finishing the outer and inner surface of the box,
– Tape for attaching the cover,
– A twisted cord, flowers, cutting out chipboard, for decoration.

Let’s get started.
Take a ruler and strictly at right angles to outline the cutting line on the reels. This is important for a smooth connection 2-parts of our boxes.

After the cut, the two spools, accurately straighten each one hand. To halves of the heart were symmetric, we put detail on each other and correct. Now glue the seams. If the heart has turned out not quite symmetrical, you can drag it or rubber thread (photo 7), to give the desired shape, sprinkle with water and leave for several hours to dry.
Meanwhile, prepare the bottom of the box and the lid.
Take a sheet of chipboard and draw out our hearts on the outside. Then, retreating 2-3 mm., Outline the contour of another (the red line in the image 7). Should get 2 loops (as in the photo 8). Will be cut by the outer contour. Such details do 2 pcs. (for the bottom and lid).
To casket lid was fixed and not shifted, do one more detail, but in a smaller size. Those. perimeter wall boxes on the inside, draw a parallel circuit of 2-3 mm. less (green line on the photo 7) and cut by the inner loop. Paste paper design (or a tight-fitting cloth) all the details. Glue the bottom and proceed to the assembly of the cover. To make it look neat, cut out another heart made of cardboard a suitable color, that will cover all the bumps on the inside of the lid (photo 11). Make the cut at fixing and threaded them tape (for strength folded in half). The ends of the strips are glued to the underside of the board, turn it upside down and glue to the inside of the lid. Top glue third smaller part (picture 15 – the inner side of the cover, pictured 16 – external). The free ends of strips glued to the walls of the casket. The photo box 18 upside down and seen how it should look like the mount on the outside.
That’s it! Bag ready. Now we have to decorate it to your taste. I used a twisted cord, cutting out chipboard, different flowers, stamens, leaves, and. Inside the velvet pasted paper.