How to make “Goldfish” cakes – Step By Step

Goldfish  cakes 1

The dough for the pie can take that you like
Batter on fish and decoration, it is recommended to do so, but you can try it and its …
 D To test:
Flour – 750 gr.
Eggs – 2 pcs.
butter – 75g.
yeast – 8 c.
condensed milk – 80 grams.

Cooking method:
In the flour mixed with yeast to drive the egg, add the melted butter, condensed milk, add a little  warm water and a little salt …
quietly start kneading the dough, knead the dough well leave it on for 30-40 minutes in a warm place.
further distribute the dough in pieces and roll out patty,  which is our beauty …

For fish body form two nearly identical oval, 4 small balls for eyes, 4 small balls for eyes, 2 harnesses for rotika fish and yet must remain the dough for big and small fins, as well as to decorate the edges of the cake and algae.
Cut with a knife tail shape and small plavnichki- 8 pcs. 4 small
4 – more … Ridge to form fingers, finely zaschipyvaya dough

And now it is necessary to revive the fish, make a special knife scales (or what will come up) … on the fins and tail to make stripes (stripes on the tail can make the roller for cutting pizza or a knife, etc.) junction, do not forget to fasten the beaten egg

It remains to make decorations for the edge and algae if there are suitable molds can make blanks for the pie edges with them, but if not just a knife …
All grease whipped egg mixture (egg + milk)

Bake in the oven at 190 * C until ready

Help yourself!!!a Beautiful and delicious food you !!!