DIY Gentle topiary with beautiful roses

Gentle topiary with roses 1

For work, we need the traditional kanzashi set of materials and tools: tape, glue, candle, scissors, wire, tweezers.
The picture just tape them today protagonists on our pink ball.
I have them 2.5 cm wide, and can be 5 cm .
 The most time-consuming for me has always been cutting … yes … the pattern decided to do without shabolonov !!! Take several strips of different colors, I cut “by eye” of approximately 2 cm in one pile. To make it clear, at all stages of the photos spread out in rows.
1ryad Cut several strips.
2ryad Slightly round out the two brackets (also pile at once). Note that the tape edge is always the side and top and bottom sections.
3 row melted over fire. Horoshenechko melted so that the petal slightly curled. Bottom nado.Vidno not melt the front side.
4 number of petals.  Do not be afraid number. It’s not scary and not long! Melted need only one side.  That’s all done! We do not even tired!  You remember that we’re going to the prom?
We select outfits in color. At each rosette I need 12 petals. You can do a little more or less. When I cut the ribbon advance’m rough count to 12. While the glue is heated counted out the petals …  The first petal curl up into a tube underside.  On the second and all following petals drip two tittle glue … on the front side.  … And wrap our “straw.” Follow to 1lepestok not appeared above 2. Otherwise, your roses will be long-nosed.
I collect the sample onto a different color.  Again – glue and third petal embrace the first two.
At the bottom of pussies do not pay attention.  … More …
So, until all 12 are not embrace.  Here they are already ready to waltz whirl.
Look what little nose peeking out seredinok.  This “tail”. Right Shaggy and they stick out length of the cone, and I left them shortened. So stick to the ball easier.  Now prepare the basis for the trees. Can Christmas ball, and you can collapse Bun paper and wrap the thread. Threads are no sizing, because hot glue when gluing roses and leaves all fasten tightly. The length of the wire is determined by taking into account whether we Stalks bent or straight.  Before gluing flowers foot -cool, sticking to the bowl and wrapped with a tape 1 cm. Wide, securing with glue.  Here they have already gathered all together!
But so far no green leaves.  For leaflets and samples. This trimming of the floral organza. As I like it! Mohnatenkaya such … With glitter silk interesting combination is obtained.
Now they need to find suitable pots.  Well, my Crank your house warming already right.   Here it is in all its glory. … Soon they will scatter your sapling.