How to make doll of boiled corn leaves

How to make doll of boiled corn leavesfeatured

It is the Brazilian folk art. Released mess. First Ineys said that the leaves should be dry, but when we met, she used boiled leaves. Boil the leaves should be about 30 minutes. Inspiration were those two dolls that make Ineys in distant youth. Draw eyes and mouth. Wait for the complete drying of dolls and paint stain or potassium permanganate to her outfit. You can make the apron, you can handle in her something to give. Because the hand of the wire them hands, you can make some original position. This is a family of lines we have. I will say that we  dry leaves and after drying, and many parts were bare steel hoses, flashlights are not as fancy, and at the hem bvysohlo so that the doll is no longer standing. I cropped hem, but the wound was not enough leaves.