How to Make Bird Feeder with a Newspaper

Your home may become the favorite spot for round birds if you make several of this bird feeder with newspaper, you reuse other recyclable materials as well as beauty and support for birds to eat, you still prevent more litter from being thrown in our planet. To make this beautiful piece you will need:

  • CD box; Sawmill;
  • drilling machine;
  • Large screw;
  • Small screws;
  • Screw nut; pliers;
  • newspaper;
  • Elastic for money;
  • Piece of cardboard;
  • Pet bottle cap; paste;
  • Plastic nail;
  • stopper;
  • Wood cylinder;
  • Craft brown paint;
  • brush;
  • Cord for hanging;
  • spray varnish.

Start by sawing a piece of the tube from the CD case.

Then drill holes around the cap with the aid of the drill, and even number. Then, using the pliers, remove the spare edges of the CD case.
Now, position the large screw on the carton tube and screw the nut on the outside of the carton. Then make newspaper straws and position on the lid of the box forming double. Soon after, trance other newspaper straws for the doubles previously achieved. Now, with other newspaper straws, trance the body part of the feeder, using the CD box as a base. Then, remove the CD box and finish the newspaper straws at the edge. Afterwards, make a very wide cone with the piece of cardboard, pasting the ends. Attach the cap of the pet bottle with the plastic nail on the tip of the cone. Position newspaper straws and trance these straws. Now, trance up to the size you want and do the finishing on the edge. Then, secure the wooden cylinder with the smaller screws and the stopper on the top of the “roof” of the feeder. Then, to finalize your piece, paint with your paintbrush and brown paint all its feeder and when the paint is dry, spray the spray varnish. And it’s ready! Now just put the cord and hang your feeder.(Image Source: