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DIY: Beautiful Snowflakes-Socket

Beautiful snowflakes-sockets of paper.

Of them can make mobile, garland. Or use as a single decoration. The sheets of A4 color copy paper glue glue stick two. For sockets diameter 10 cm (little snowflake) plates should be glued on the long side.For larger diameter outlet for short. The paper was cut into strips the width of about 5 cm for small snowflakes. And the band 7 cm large. Do not forget that for socket strips of different diameters have to be of different lengths. Put a strip on the cutting mat with centimeter markings and selling fold line folds over every centimeter. The best tool for this operation is a pen without ink. Tip: Burst folds as possible and before the paper is cut into strips. Fold accordion band at the planned folds. Then Let us openwork notch. The patterns can be very different. First issue the edge. To trim fold about five folds, accordion entire crop will not work immediately. Then, cut the patterns inside the accordion.Also small, four or five folds in portions. Prepared glue the accordion in the ring glue stick. Collect the resulting ring in the socket. In the middle of a drip a little hot glue. Hold the socket until the glue hardens. You can also use quick-drying contact adhesive. But then razetku need to commit time to glue dries. For example, some pin object (hot glue but convenient). For large snowflakes head diameter of 5 cm, for small 4 cm. The head was cut out from a dense white paper. I use “shell” with embossed watercolor. Hairstyle make a circle of colored paper. Face paint silver gel pen with glitter. Eyes pencil mark the stenciled “circle”, and then circle the pen. Garnish with the same handle hair. Big snowflakes need an extra layer between the socket and the head. Circle of paper 9 cm in diameter radial fold and cut a simple snowflake. Or use as a middle layer of openwork napkin pastry shop. Merge all layers. Ready snowflakes decorate with glitter. Apply glue PVA place you want to decorate and sprinkle with glitter. Behind glue a circle of cardboard the color “Silver.” All snowflakes different from each other. Therefore, it seems to me, is a good option for co-creation. Each will make his snowflake, and then you can collect a large garland or mobile. This tiny snowflakes.Diameter 10 cm. Photograph mobility very difficult. All revolve 🙂 Yes, still dark in the kitchen. In nature it looks much better.

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