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How to make jar vase lamp

Jar Vase Lamp 1

Jar Vase Lamp 1

Here is a curious thing has turned me from a simple jar of coffee from under. It is quite universal. Want to be stained flashlight … And if you want, vase!

I’ll tell you how to make such a flashlight.

So, we need:

On those sites, we are not going to paint, paste self-adhesive tape (I have it oral). You can use masking tape. Black paint from a container covers our jar. Give the dry somewhere 30-40 minutes. Dried up? Gently peel off the film. It is now we do not need. Our jar shaped like an old lantern. Here on this image and we shall make a start. With black dots, contour masks the unevenly torn edges.

Since this will be a lantern, to draw it on the paper flame. We put into our sketch, fasten with tape. Gold contour draw flames. And so – all four sides. Here’s what happened. Give the circuit to dry. One hour is enough. Stained glass paints colorable our flame. From all sides. But! Each side must be completely dry! Not less than a couple of hours in a horizontal plane. Only then will proceed to the next painting. Result (painted all four faces): The handle for the flashlight I made from copper wire. Just two wires twisted together. Our “pen”. Maybe someone has a more interesting design. I – what happened). Around the neck of the jar – do the same intertwined rim, anchoring our pen and painted the same black paint from a container. In this case, it is sure to cover the jar itself something to paint got only on the neck and the handle itself. And here it is – our flashlight! Spark of my soul)) To install the candles offer the following construction. It will be clearly fixed in a jar and it will be convenient to light a candle.
So, take the lid off the tin cans and doing a few notches. Next cut off here in such a way to get the “sun”. Buckling edge. Insert a candle – come)! Punched in two places at the hole and pulled through them a copper wire. Fold the edges to avoid scratching the edge of our flashlight. Another angle to make it clear: And now the fun! We lit candles and paste it into a flashlight. Antennae fastening just fixed on the neck of the jar (which, by the way, I also painted black paint). And we admire! )) Can also be used as a vase – too beautiful! And it is possible and so … But better still as a flashlight, is not it? )))))) Oh, and our flashlight to bedplate been protected, you can glue the circle of velvet cardboard.Thank you for your attention! Success in creative work!
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