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Beautiful stained glass and mirror

Stained glass and mirror 1

Stained glass and mirror 1

Here is a stained glass made with their own hands, can be a great gift to your friends and colleagues

What do we need:

1.Tile decorative mirror the size of 20×20 cm.
2.A piece of hardboard (I have bits of binding).
3.Stained outline and paint the desired color. Paints, preferably on an organic basis, drawing a lollipop then when dry.
4.Alcohol Lotion for degreasing and all sorts of sticks and correction pattern.
5.Himself drawing a template. I had a draft for a stained-glass picture, so I cut a piece from there.

1. Clean.
2. Apply drawing on tracing paper, very artistic circle. If desired, add Circuits.
3. Later on, the mirror copied circle contour drawing stained-loop (oh, and turned a tautology). 20 minutes to dry to give the contour. I look for there to have a drink, I’m the next series “Supernatural” looked.
4. Naplyuhat in the contours of the paint. Again, see the series something new, or pour a cup.
5. Add a loop curlicues and dots.
Done! Lay off the mirror Teperdelaem stand:
1. Cut a piece of cardboard the width of a wish, but the length of half of the mirror plus 3 cm on the gluing. Neatly fold incision future (I breadboard knife was at hand), but of course, not completely .Paint in any color. I painted in white.
2. Again translate drawing, denoted by its loop, dry them.
3. Refill paint and gives a very cool as if it were applied on top of the enamel. Cloisonne. To show the volume snapped and drawing more on the side.
4. Add the trinkets circuit. So we’ve got. Merge mirror and stand. I was attached to the tile film it and benefited from it. In general, I recommend liquid nails to the mirror substrate is not corroded.Result.

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