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How to make mini vase bamboo



The creative idea to create a small vase imitating bamboo. Very original look in the interior, with virtually no material costs for manufacturing. Sea pluses and no minuses. Do you want to try to make their own hands?

Materials and tools:

• Melt.
• Pipe-tube from the film.
• napkins, preferably white.
• Toilet paper (rough).
• The paint is suitable gouache or watercolor.
• A piece of laminate. This flooring pre-cut in the shape of a triangle. Laminate is the basis of the composition.
• PVA glue. 6 steps and the original vase ready

1 step. The pipe must be cut into three unequal parts.

Step 2. On the prepared piece of triangular-shaped laminate, glue all the pieces of the pipe by means of Melt.

Step 3. Rough toilet paper basis pastes vases using PVA glue.

Step 4. Twist the cloth, using techniques Pape art, thereby we attach our image of a vase of bamboo. Step 5. Imitating the bark of the bamboo stem. To do this, toilet paper glue, a little squeezing, giving texture vase vertical stripes. The result should look like this. That’s a mini-vase made of bamboo looks close.

6 step. Paint the vase in color similar to natural bamboo. You can use shades of green and beige colors. This MK twisted flagellum napkins dyed white mother of pearl. So ended a mini-vases manufacturing process.The concept is simple! Be creative masterpieces their beauty and originality of the people around them!
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