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How to make beautiful tassels of thread

tassels of thread 1

tassels of thread 1

Brushes are very often used by us in the interior. They are in vogue for centuries and are always a decoration of our house.

Often we, master, use a brush to decorate their works. Looking for beautiful hands, I came across a very poor range and decided to make the brush itself.

So we need to work:

1. Threads of silk or nylon.

2. plank.

3. Scissors.

4. Thin hook.

5. Super glue gel.

6. Caps for beads.

Step №1

I want to draw your attention to a thread. After a long search, I stopped here on such a silk thread, which is very beautiful shine. Also in this master class will be used nylon threads for shoes (brown).

Step №2

Cut the thread, in the threaded hole and is fastened on the bow tight side, so we do not interfere with the knot in the winding thread.

Step №3

Overturn  bundle and begin to wind down the strings.

Step №4

Next, untie the knot side and take out the thread.

We tie a double knot. Then drip on the bundle drop of super glue. And tying another knot. This is necessary because the silk thread is very smooth and have the ability to come untied.

Step №5

To make a loop – hanger for our brush – cut the extra thread and tying her knot, forming a loop.

Also, we fix the knot with glue and cut the unnecessary tip. Is passed under the wound. Tighten the loop.

Step №6

Overturn of wood and cut the thread with a sharp knife.

We get just such a brush

Step №7

Take the cap for beads. I have a different, preferably take them longer.

Insert the scissors in it and decompress. We turn off the brush in half, is passed in the cap. Hold your fingers, tucking and hiding our strong knots. Then stifle stronger. Cropped exactly tips.
We get just such a brush:

A few tips:

In order to thread the hanger into a large cap for beads, use a small hook.

If the strings are not wrinkled or smooth, they can be steam the ferry

The ends of the thread can be toned bitumen or ink, they will become more vintage.

Instead of caps for beads can sheathe beaded tassels.

Thread-hangers can be made from beads.

Instead of silk thread can be used thin twine, then you get a very different, but also a beautiful result.

So, after spending one night here we get a supply of beautiful brushes for our work:

Thank you very much for your attention!

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