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Embroidery beads on canvas



Embroider autumn) Bead work on an outline – autumn leaves.

Today we are going to learn to embroider beads on canvas by the example of brooch “Autumn, fall …”. Embroidery on canvas – it is quite simple and fast, and fun! 🙂

And for this we need:

1. Japanese Toho beads size 15 shades of 10B, 83, 459, 457, 329 and 2. If you use different beads, then pick up the shades themselves, you need to be colored dark brown, yellow, orange, red, green tea , yellow-brown.

2. Japanese Toho beads size 11 shades Y301 and 162B (brown and yellow), you will need it for a number of skin and the dead end of the series.

3. Canvas, I Aida 14, but it is better to take smaller, 12th or 18th. Modern canvas is sufficiently rigid so that the hoop will not be needed, only an outline.

4. A piece of white felt, piece of thick paper and a piece of genuine leather

5. A pin and brooches basis for the size of 3 cm.

6. Scissors, thread (I always lavsanovaja), glue chip time.

Embroidery bead size will be 15. For the base, I took the scheme of this ornament:

Remove all unnecessary and only embroidered leaf.

Canvas I take the fishing line once lined into squares, it’s easier to navigate. We need a piece of size 3,5h4 square. Canvas size bigger scheme necessary because at the end of the finished embroidery will cut the size of a millimeter to more than 2 beaded pattern.

And begin. Mark up the scheme in a convenient location, close to the middle. I mark up on her screen with the movie player that listens during operation.

We pass through the canvas from the inside, we collect a number of the first bead. And from the inside anchoring thread on a triple knot.

Go back to the right side and sew the first bead for another stitch. The stitches will be here in half-cross diagonally. The scheme presented in the half-cross technique. Embroidered number on the end and the final bead on again stitched two stitches. The first row is finished with the procedure, go to the number above. And the first number again bead stitched two stitches.

Remember this point: every first and last bead of each row necessarily stitched two stitches!

And we continue to embroidery, beads should be on the same diagonal of each other, moving on the canvas, following the pattern from right to left and left to right.

Two rows were done, you can now remove razlinovku of fishing line. I had never been to delete at once, it is easier to navigate, with a place to start embroidery.

We pick up the line and pull the needle. Not all at once, in stages.

Continue embroidery. As it comes to the matter in the scheme of projections, projections embroider entirely separately, then you can always go back. And half of our leaf is ready! We go back to the middle of the embroidery stitches passing through the canvas cubes. Do not be afraid, these stitches will not be visible. Scheme respectively overturn, too, we find in it a number from which to start, focus, and continue to embroider leaf. And pretty soon he’s ready! Wrong side: Carefully cut out our leaf, leaving a blank canvas embroidery around two millimeters allowance. Coat with glue inside out. Planting on the felt.

And put under the press minutes to half an hour. Longer possible less – no. As the press is perfect for any weighty book.

Half an hour passed, we take out our embroidery, cut off the excess felt (I recommend a slightly rounded strip all sharp corners, the lower thread will cling). And we start sheathing, for this, we need the shade of size 11 beads Y301 (brown). Withdraw the needle from the wrong side on the front side, leaving a tail of thread on the wrong side, and sew the first bead.

And back to the thread inside out and fasten it there a triple junction. We withdraw the needle behind the first hemmed beads, pass through the bead. Hemming two more beads, trying to sew them as closely as possible to the extreme rows of our embroidery. And back to the wrong side on the front side of one bead back. We pass through the first bead.

And recruit two more, and sew.

And so – two sewn, one back, passed through it, two more scored, sewn, one-back, passed through it … and to the end, pressing this number as close as possible to the embroidered pattern.

Row over, that’s what we’ve got Carefully cut off the excess felt, then encircle our leaflet on thick paper. Cut a piece of paper and drawn once clipped him on the edge of a millimeter or two. And while putting off to the side. And prepares the skin for the foundation for brooches – mark up the position from which will go towards the pin, cut holes.

And, too, has been postponed all the way.

Take pin recruited him 13 beads size 15 color 83.

And, too, it has been postponed to the side, but close 🙂

Paper gasket coat with glue. Pins is located in the center of the leaf from the inside, pin, we will represent the leg, hold it with your fingers. The pin must be between the felt and the paper gasket.

And pasted paper gasket. Then stitched basis for brooches, we coat the entire underside of the embroidery glue and put it on the skin. After an hour and a half, you can cut the excess skin and hem Termination number. Termination For a number we will take the beads 162B (yellow) color size 11 And our autumn brooch ready!On the basis of this knowledge of the MC, you can embroider on canvas favors of any kind and size. They can be used as freely distributed schemes items for cross stitch, and make your own.

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