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DIY: Hanging plant pots made from old rags

beautiful hanging plant pots made from old rags 1

beautiful hanging plant pots made from old rags 1

Flowers in hanging pots – it’s always nice. Especially well planter look, decorated with macrame technique. To make such a decoration, do not need to be at needlework. If you have unwanted rags suitable color and free 30 minutes, the case is almost done.


1.knitted fabric
2. tailor meter
3. Scissors

Let’s start:

Lay the fabric on a flat surface.

We have 8 strips on three centimeters wide. The length of strips depends on how long should be potted. The girl in the photo uses inches and cut the strips at 40 centimeters in length. Stretch the strip. The result should look like this.

First, tie all the strips into one big knot. Tighten properly. Now divide the beam into four pairs. Measure out about 5 cm from the main unit and fasten by nodules on each pair. Do not tighten too tight – you can do so when the pot is inside. Now, again, divide the strips into pairs and tie knots, to get here are the diamonds. Repeat over and over again, departing at 5 centimeters from the previous node. For a small pot, as in these photos, it will be enough three levels. When macrame ready, put into the pot. If you like the nodules are located, you can tighten them tighter. Now the upper edge can be tied in a knot. Make sure the pot is hanging straight. Done! The color and length can be different.Elementary and very beautiful!
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