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DIY: Decorative art Paper-art: Sac

Paper Art Sac 1

Paper Art Sac 1

Bag-bag is performed using several techniques: cardboard, paper art, and quilling.

And now  started with drawing.

We connect with the front of the  part consists of a rectangle 62cm  26cm. rectangle into 3 parts as follows-Face (23cm 26cm) – (16cm  26cm) -Face (23cm  26cm) leave facial parts gives bend to connect with the convex side. View from the clearly visible bulge. Now do  the cover. The central part of the lid.

Connecting parts. Consists of two parts. Inside. We do estimates. Well, ready to frame. Front view. Houses a lot of flowers left by past work and I decided to find a use for them in the work. Black paint them with acrylic paint. If gold acrylic covers, we obtain here are the flowers. Accessories for  2 handles and 4 loops. Twine for a loop. We put all the work cloth and glue along the contour. glue previously harvested flowers. With the tissue of flagella spread pattern. Inside, too, paste cloth. Then all the empty spaces filled eggshells. On the cover put a pen. It looks like the cover. All work acrylic paint black paint and light touches of acrylic cover with gold. Inside, he painted and covered with gold. The entire circuit is framed with string. And at the end of the product covered all acrylic lacquer. And once again the result in front of you. So it opens. View from above. Side view.All many thanks for your attention. Hope is not lost in vain time, visiting my guest. I wish you all success and creative discoveries. See you soon
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