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How to Make a Origami Kusudama Flower

Today, we are showing how to make a origami kusudama flowers to create a very special centerpiece.

Required Materials:

1. Cut paper making squares of 10 cm.
2. Fold squares diagonally.
3. Fold as shown in step 3 and 4 to make a square again.
4. Follow step 5 and 6 to make a figure as shown in the picture.
5. Follow steps 7,8 and 9 until you get to the figure shown in step 10.
6. Fold upper triangle on each side of the figure and tuck them well into the folds of paper, as shown in steps 11 and 12.
7 Now it’s time to fold again inwards, followin steps 13 and 14
8. Stick a little piece of double sided tape on one end and join it to the other. You will get a petal.
9. Do last instructions again 5 times and stick all petals together to make a flower.
10. Stick flower to a wooden brochette skewer and you’re done!

For leafs:
I used 2 mm wide strips, 2 shades of green for each leaf (120gsm combined with 80gsm). You will need very long paper strips, 40cm up to 80 cm, so glue 2-3 strips together before you start to weave them around the pins.
This quilling technique is called “husking”. Insert your first pin into the cork board and secure the paper strips by making a tiny loop. Insert the next pin and bring the paper strips around it, making sure to always add glue at the base of your first pin every time you come back to that point. Repeat the process until the desired grass leaf length is achieved.

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