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How to Make DIY Desk Organizer

Learn how to make a DIY Desk Organizer using Cardboard with a step by step tutorial with instructions and this fabulous Handy Pencil Holder is a cool craft that you must learn for systematic storage of your stationery supplies.This DIY Desk Organizer is the perfect DIY Fun Art and Craft Project that you can engage your kids in this vacation Holiday.

Required Material:

Make the Containers:

To make the containers of the Desk organizer make 4 containers of the following dimensions.

10 x 4 cm

10 x 4 cm

7 x 4 cm

4 x 4 cm

Add an extra 1 cm to help you pack and seal the box.

Keep the width i.e 4 cm common for all the Thin cardboard containers.

Paste and join the edges to make a container.

Make the Slant Container:

Take a cardboard strip and make markings at intervals of 10 cm, 2 cm, 10 cm , 2 cm ,1 cm

Draw lines with a pencil and make markings and cut to give a slant look.

Fold the thin cardboard and join the edges to make a slant container.

Build Your Craft:

Make the same markings on Red and Blue colored papers, as you did on the cardboard for the containers.

Cover the containers in colored paper by pasting the colored papers with adhesive.

Decorate Your Craft:

Take 2 cm wide yellow paper strips and cut them in a triangular designer pattern.

Paste the paper strips on the rim of the containers, like a pretty border.

Create a Base:

To give a base to your craft, take a white paper and draw a color palette on the white paper. Cut it out to use as a stencil and cut out a color palette

Cut out the color palette from a thick cardboard and cover it with green paper.

Paste the thin cardboard palette on the thick one.

Add the Last Touch:

In the end arrange and finally paste the containers to the base of the color palette with glue gun.

Line the edges of the containers attached to the base of the color palette, with golden glitter.

Cover the edges of the Color palette edges with decorative tape.

Your Desk Organizer Is Ready:

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