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How to Make Desk Organizer

Beautiful Green Lawn Desk Organizer:

Cut blanks of different lengths, so I cut up with a hacksaw, the edges were not very accurate,

so I had not much work cloth. The result you can see in the photo.

Treat the inside, I used just such a striped adhesive film. Getting to the outside. To thread went smoothly and not get dirty, I used double-sided tape. It is so easy and simple, did not even notice how reeled all the blanks.

The bins were found scraps of flooring. For foundations took the correct size plate and cut out a circle of her coat. To cover plate used cardboard all the layers are glued to each other. The cut tape pasted “bindweed”. The most difficult as I thought, it’s sticking tape on the upper section, well, not as did not want to be stuck on the inside. Scrapie together and taped already in place, for the strength of used gum. As you can see, one workpiece is not processed from the top, is the future needle bed. So I fascinated by design that I forgot to take a picture continued. You see the result, I think everything is clear. Here such I turned daisy meadow. Here’s another option.Thank you all for your attention.


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