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Beautiful Crochet Yarn Flower

This Crochet Yarn Flower is easy to make and pretty for Spring. Dandelion is beautiful, strong and resilient, and now crochet one for your home for spring decoration, look fresh, right? This dandelion flower itself is easy to make, and you can use classic pom pom techniques to create, but I prefer this way below by cutting into two. And there is a way to make if you don’t have U crochet hook by using fork and green pipe cleans instead.

Required Materials:


To make a dandelion first you have to wrap yellow yarn around a U shape crochet hook. After that pass yarn from the middle along its width, apply glue and and roll it.

Wrap yarn around the center of the yarn roll and cut it in two pieces to get two pom poms.

Wrap this patch around the dandelion top and tie it. Tie the lower part tightly and cut the edge. Dip in white glue to seal.

Then cut pieces of green yarn in equal length and thread a green thread through each piece of yarn with needle. Again repeat the same step with some gap.

Cover a stick of plastic with green yarn by applying glue and hot glue the dandelion to it. Make more and complete a bunch.

Hope you like this Crochet yarn Flower tutorial.

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