DIY: Weaving Newspapers Basket

In the form of a square weave.

From the corners of the square (in the same direction, for example, right) lay off equal segments. (In! You can easily prove the Pythagorean theorem) I drew the line, they will be in the middle of the product. You can do without them.

Bend on the weaving lines. We get the corners, which can be connected in different ways.

I complied with contrasting lacing tube.
Inside turned square. On the two sides of which there are stanchions and two of his other hand, we substitute them.

Propelled two rows of rope and performed Bending.

Here is the network from the side. Fairly roomy. When the primer it is possible to make the more big bulge.

I took the handle because of the purpose of something like candy, for fruits.

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