Vase with flowers – Mother’s Day Gift (Tutorial)

Mother’s Day gift – flower vases made in the art of paper cutting.

Long I stare at work Zulfiya Dadashov. Not so long ago bought a knife for cutting, tried to cut a Christmas tree for its MC. Cut I liked it, so I decided to do the work for the competition in this technique.

Author template:

Required Material:

  • paper white and pink,
  • knife for cutting,
  • a ruler and a tool for creasing,
  • scissors,
  • shaped punches,
  • glue,
  • pencil,
  • ribbon, rhinestones.

The finished scheme did not seek, I decided to draw itself. I admit, it did not work the first time.

He translated his drawing on thin paper and secure it with a stapler on white paper to cut, folded in half.

Cut parts with a knife. As the experience in the cutting I did not so much, it was hard to cut curved elements.

Then cut out the contour of the vase.

Based vases necessary to line 3 (probigovat) and folded on it, for the construction stability.

Top between the two halves of the vase paste leaf and cut it in a semicircle. This place is a decorative elements – flowers.

For the manufacture of each flower will need 3 different sizes of paper square. You need to add these squares in half and draw half of a flower.

I cut blanks for 5 flowers. Unbent their petals. And then glued blanks flowers with each other.

In addition the finished flower pasted dyrokolny little flower.

Next, the leaves made by a hole punch. And sticking them on top of the vase (pasted on a sheet).

After this has placed the flowers and glue them.

Midway flowers can be decorated with rhinestones.

At the bottom of the vase tied bow, covering only one half of the vase.

Hope you like this tutorial.

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