How to make wooden box

wooden box 1

Materials needed:

Thick cardboard, scissors, ruler, pencil, simple, glue, double-sided tape, wooden skewers, velvet paper, plain white paper, acrylic paint, brush, sandpaper, mirror, decorative silk ribbons, beads. Choose form boxes and cardboard. For this drawing a box. The cover for the box I’m doing later. Cut cardboard I paste on a white sheet of paper in this way. Between the cartons must be done in a short distance of 2 mm. I then crop the everything like that, and all the edges are bent. Once all the kinks are glued together. For gluing paper, I often use two-sided adhesive tape (get smoother). I cut into sticks (good scissors suit) and papered of all parties, starting from the bottom. Then I cut out the cover a little more than the bottom (gain somewhere in the 2-3 mm on each side). Stripping sandpaper edge of the box. Box covers varnish layer 2 and gives it to dry. On the lid (where it will be opened) on the reverse side satin tape pasting. Cut in strips into pieces and burned the edges. First pasting marginalia. Then I adhered to the bottom. Wallpapers velvet paper cover. Ribbon Wallpapers cover. Where the cover is attached to the box, tape pasting like this. Satin ribbon glued to the lid to the box. The tape must be pulling. While the glue is not dried up completely, check whether or not to hold the cover in position. If the cover does not hold, it is necessary to tighten the belt stronger. Velvet paper papered inside the box. Glued mirror. To the edge of the mirror does not hurt, glue around the perimeter tight braid. Here is what you should have. It remains only to decorate the cover. In this case, I made a rose of satin ribbons and sticking little beads. Here it is what it is. In this photo, the color is more natural.