Plastic bottle butterfly wall art

Required Material:
-PET bottle (without convex patterns)
-a picture with a butterfly
-nail clippers
-permanent marker medium thickness
-3-5 shades of nail polish
-nail polish with glitter
– super glue Take 1.5-2 liter plastic bottle (I use the middle part of the usual bottles of water). Cut off her smooth middle part of the neck and the bottom. We get a sort of a sheet of transparent plastic. There is a picture butterfly shape that you would like to translate. For a start is better to take pictures with clear lines and no small parts, for the first time use patterns – they are easier to translate than the photos, though and can immediately begin with the complex images. They can be found in magazines, I printed out from the Internet and gently draw out the contours of the drawing. To do this, I usually use a thin black permanent marker. Today decided to try out the new – he was stout and blue, but that’s okay because these contours disappear under layers of varnish. The plastic should stay your whole future butterfly with all the lines, streaks on the wings.

Now you can cut off the plastic part of the butterfly from the rest of the web, as it prevents and twists.
Then proceed to the coloring. We select varnishes (3-4-5 different) that blend harmoniously to the color scheme, in which you want to see your butterfly.

Gently colorable place between veins on the wings, do not forget about symmetry.
Impose 2-3 coats depending on the consistency of the nail, giving each layer to dry thoroughly.

Impose 2-3 coats depending on the consistency of the nail, giving each layer to dry thoroughly. Finally, you can do embellishment. All black lines plot the silver or gold glitter (brush should be very thin – in such nail brush drawing on nails). That’s all – our butterfly is ready. Another work

DIY wall Art Using Old CD’s Tutorial

She draws a couple dancing women on a piece of canvas. What she does after that is really beautiful on the wall!

Do you want to make something creative on the wall and you have a few old CD on? Then we have a really nice idea for you! All you need for this little idea a few old CD, a canvas and drawing materials. Here is how you make your own wall art using old CDs:

1. Place a piece of canvas down and sign a couple dancing women as below. You can also choose to draw something else.

2. Use scissors to cut a few CDs into pieces. Well good careful that you do not cut yourself! 3. Use glue to glue the pieces CD on the canvas. 4. Create the drawing with some nice colors! The pieces of CDs you have a wonderful bling painting on the wall!