Awesome DIY String Pendant Light Ideas & Tutorials

DIY String Pendant Light: One of the cool things that the craft offers us is to change the look of every corner of our homes, through the use of handcrafts, that with that special touch, become very charming pieces inside the environment.

And one of these craft objects that can make all the difference is the string lamp, which besides offering charm and elegance to your home, can still serve as a decorative piece for parties and events in general.

Thinking about this today we came to show you some cool tips so you can put together a beautiful string lamp in your house.

The well from yarn (twine)/rope/string

well from yarn and cocktail tubules 1

This article is an excellent example of how ordinary things can create wonderful masterpieces that decorate the interior of any home. This article describes how to create crafts from the thread with your hands:

This design is fully operational and has the ability to raise verse and turn the wheel.

To create a need:
– Twine
– Trim the ceiling tile or board
– Hot glue
– Cocktail tubes
– Coffee beans

Made from durable cardboard cut strip, which should be at least 6 cm and a length of a standard A4 sheet. Twist the band in the form of a ring, and secure the ends by means of staples. Next, cut the tube to size, which corresponds to the height of your ring and wraps them with string. On average, you should have the ducts 36-38 which will be enough for the next job. The tubes are glued to the outside of the ring. Using material tiles or cardboard to create the following items: a circle (11 cm – 2 pcs.), Circle a little bit smaller (1 pc.), A rectangle (6×12 cm – pcs.), A peg which has a 10 cm wide and a hole in the middle (2 pcs ).. All items are fully wrapped with twine. Creates decor grains Fastened to the bottom of the ring. For this purpose, a circle which is smaller in diameter. Circles that previously wound string glued to the bottom and the top of the cone. To hide all the flaws created using twine and braid glued joints in place. Take a tube, which should have a length of 15 cm and the beginning of her wrap twine. Create a form from the tube and wheel is wrapped with twine. On the basis of the earlier articles are attached pegs made with a hole in the middle. The pegs squander tube and fully Wrap it with twine. When do decor of stones for the wheel and stick it in the right place. Then proceed to the production of buckets. The handle is created from the conventional wire which is wrapped with twine, and bucket of cardboard. Bucket attached to the well, and tested for functionality. On the construction of the roof is fixed and held Decoration.