How to make beautiful turtles of shells


This is about that of which it is obtained. Usual Rapa Novaya shell, well, two kinds of …

To start decrease the … Well, starting from the bottom gradually paste base in a circle … The carapace is ready! Now it’s all the same Gol OV Koy.Ispolzuyu oyster shells, but glued. Emerges image … It seems like … And where legs ?! And here they are! Now ca aaa aka jerk … Oh! Yes, it is nothing to see! And here eyes as alma ki! Well, it seems everything! It remains only to cover varnish. Well? And? Are you my brother or brother?

Beautiful flowers out of shells

flowers out of shells 1

The flowers are collected from the shells by means of hot glue. The basis of the flowers is a CD. Ready to paint the flowers will remain only.