How to Make Cardboard Corner Shelf / Rack

This tutorial shows how to make step by step cardboard corner shelf / rack / Organizer.
Cut an right angled isosceles triangle of cardboard of sides 13 inch and hypotenuse 18 inch (take 9 such triangles) Now, cut 18 stripe of cardboard of size (13 inch * 2 inch) Next,cut 9 stripe of cardboard of size (19 inch * 2 inch ) Now, take 3 triangles and glue them one over other to make one tough triangle. Take two pieces of cord of lenght 5 feet and put one end of both the cord in the center holes (hole at the right angled corner) of the 3 trays and the other ends in the other 2 sides hole of the trays

How to make PVC Bathroom Shelf for indoor plants

Here’s a cute little thing, and indispensable for the house – bookcase for the bathroom, kitchen or balcony for indoor plants can make their own hands. To work needed PVC plastic water pipes, which can be purchased at any store building materials. Inspiring craft handmade for the home.

Working with PVC is a cinch. It’s like affordable structural tinker toys. The pipe is cheap, and you can get some really cool fittings.

Required Materials and tools:

  • PVC plastic water pipes,
  • jigsaws for cutting PVC pipe,
  • sandpaper or sandpaper P220,
  • measuring tape or meter tape,
  • primer for PVC or plastic,
  • glue,
  • PVC tees,
  • PVC caps,
  • wood, particle board or plywood – for shelves,
  • drill and drill,
  • screwdriver and screws,
  • paint in the form of a spray.

Hope you like this Painted Plastic Bottle Caps craft tutorial.

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