How to Decorate Easter eggs with sequins

Easter eggs with sequins 1

For manufacturing and decorating Easter eggs will need:
foam or polystyrene foam;
universal glue;
Sew mosaic flowers light pink color;
pins with colored heads (white, purple);

For Easter egg additionally need:
sew sequins green flowers
In this egg, a height of 6 cm, will take about 120 pins. Before starting work, prepare the pins. Such pins long needle, so the pliers need to bite these needles 1/3 of their total size.

After all that- strung on each sewing sequins flower.

Take a piece of foam (polystyrene) in length and 6 cm in diameter. Cut so that it would turn the egg. Cut with scissors, safely shred it at the beginning. This is the end you will tinker with it, cutting off little by little and little.
And now, begin to permeate prepared with needles, styrofoam egg. Perhaps it will be easier to start from the middle of the top of the eggs.

When threading with white and purple heads alternate, so that they were mixed.

If you are going to do on egg then should not the lower part of the egg close with sequins.

Easter eggs can perfectly serve the same plastic box. The only thing it needs to be a little decorate.

And this will help the same sew sequins flowers only green. According to the outermost rim, apply a universal glue and lay. At some time, and when the glue is completely dry, you can proceed to the final stage.

The final stage of the most pleasant, because in a few minutes you will see the result of your work. He will not disappoint you.
And here’s the result – easter egg in all its glory!