How to Mend Jeans Holes in Cutest Way

Mending or a hole in your pants doesn’t have to be ugly! There are so many fun ideas out there to patch a hole. Here are some properly mended pants as well as some super silly mending. From patches to pom poms, you can sew just about anything in, over or behind a tear to make it look fun and playful.

Use this as a way to incorporate your child’s personality into their clothes. Ask them what they might like, and do the job together. Not only is this a way to recycle clothes, but it is a way to spend time together instead of being at a shopping mall.

Hope you like these cute ideas of mend jeans holes.

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DIY Creative Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

Summary: Crafts from plastic bottles with their own hands for children. Articles made of plastic bottles to testify.Articles made of plastic bottles for kindergarten, photo. Flowers from plastic bottles. Craft ideas from plastic bottles.
What can be made of plastic bottles? In this article, we will tell you which articles made of plastic bottles can be made with the children with their own hands. Plastic bottles – versatile material for the manufacture of handicrafts.We’ll tell you how to do:

  • Toys of plastic bottles
  • baby articles made of plastic bottles
  • a vase of plastic bottles
  • plastic bottles of flowers
  • decorations from plastic bottles
  • boxes of plastic bottles
  • crafts for the garden of plastic bottles
  • crafts for the garden from plastic bottles

1. Crafts from plastic bottles. Toys of plastic bottles

Catamaran of plastic bottles

Combining two plastic bottles together with electrical tape, you can make catamaran toy dolls.

Articles made of plastic bottles for children – Fountain

On a hot summer day, you can imagine the best entertainment for children than playing with water in the fresh air.From the usual plastic bottles can be made informative toy for experimenting and playing with water at the cottage or on the beach.

Proceed in the bottle with the help of a sharp object several holes. In the photo below the hole done by the middle of the bottle, but, in fact, it is better to place them at the bottom of the bottle. In this case, it will be used the maximum amount of water from a bottle. Plug the hole with his hand and fill the bottle with water up to the top. Replace the cap. Take your hand off the holes. Surprisingly, water is poured from a bottle through the holes.

Now slightly loosen the lid and you’ll see how the water begins to flow through the holes of the bottle. It enters through the neck of a plastic bottle air displaces the water from the bottle.

This toy can be used as a washstand in the country.

Articles made of plastic bottles for children in papier mache.

From plastic bottles, you can make interesting crafts for children in papier mache. Boys, for sure, will interest a homemade aircraft out of a plastic bottle, and the girls will be able to make a home zoo.

The principle of the manufacture of toys from plastic bottles in papier mache next. First of cut and whole bottles up the framework for future crafts. All held together by duct tape. From cardboard cut out and also attached with tape or duct tape further details.

After this you should pick or cut into small pieces of paper. It can be as plain paper for printers, and a special crepe paper for children’s crafts. Dilute PVA adhesive with water in a ratio of 1: 1. Then, by dipping each piece into a dilute glue, attach it to the frame of the bottles. Thus cover your crafts 4-6 layers of paper.

When the glue dries, paint the and decorate your crafts from plastic bottles.

How to make a plane out of plastic bottles >>>>

Of plastic bottles by hand. cow >>>>

Kids crafts from plastic bottles. Tropical fish >>>>

Kids crafts from plastic bottles. crocodile >>>>

And a few more links to workshops for the manufacture of articles made from plastic bottles for children:

Elephant >>>>
Leo >>>>
Giraffe >>>>
Zebra >>>>

2. Plastic bottle crafts with their hands. Vases made of plastic bottles

The easiest way to make a vase out of a plastic bottle – it’s just cut off her top and decorate. It is desirable since iron-round edge in homemade vases. So it will be nice and safe.

To round off the edges of vases from a plastic bottle, put it on top of a sheet of paper and bring a hot iron (paper need to plastic is not stuck to the sole plate). Sharp edges bottle wrap of high temperature. Caution – Keep the iron for a short while and always check that there is a piece of paper. link >>>>

We would like to invite you to do creative crafts vase. For its production, you will need a few plastic bottles. You can use a large bottle (1.5 liters) and 4 small bottles (0.5 liters). For the manufacture of vases of plastic bottles you will need glue for plastic or glue gun. Instructions for making vases bottles cm. Link >>>>

You can make a nice case of felt for the plastic bottle. Insert the bottle inside the case – a bowl of plastic bottles ready!

link >>>>

Beautiful, “air” a bowl of plastic bottles can be made if you first hold a cropped bottle of fire, to give it a shape. Then make numerous holes therein a soldering iron. Only foods in it all the same it is better not to keep!

And another idea of ​​how to quickly and easily make a vase out of a plastic bottle.

3. Crafts from plastic bottles photo. Flowers from plastic bottles

Production of colors from a variety of materials to date is one of the most popular types of craft and needlework.From conventional plastic bottles, you can make original artificial flowers by hand.

Detailed master class on making flowers from plastic bottles cm. Link >>>>  For the manufacture of articles made of plastic bottles to you, in addition to plastic bottles in different colors, also need the candle and glue gun. However, instead of the glue gun can be used simply glue. Attention! Pridelnyh Be careful when working with fire!

Separate instructions for how to make the stems of flowers from plastic bottles can be found at the link >>>> To do this, cut a plastic bottle in a spiral to get a narrow strip of plastic. Then twist it over the fire.

4. From plastic bottles with their own hands. Boxes and boxes of plastic bottles

Take two bottoms of plastic bottles and glue between the zipper glue gun or glue for plastics. Purse-box for coins ready!

Lightning to the bottles as possible and sew.

Decorate a flower box, made also from plastic bottle. How to make flowers from plastic bottles, we described above.

link >>>>

From plastic bottles can make a beautiful box-pack for a small gift to a loved one.

Mother or grandmother, who know how to crochet can make a comfortable and practical boxes of plastic bottles for storage of children’s books.

Detailed instructions for the production of articles made of plastic bottles cm. By link >>>>
Link-2 >>>>

5. Crafts from plastic bottles master class. Ornaments from plastic bottles

Who would have thought that out of plastic bottles can be made stylish jewelry! Bright, fashion bracelets or delicate, airy necklaces.

Bracelets from plastic bottles

Cut out of the bottle plastic ring the desired thickness. Wrap it colored yarn or elastic fabric, lace or obkleyte obsheyte thread. Stylish, summer decoration is ready!

Link-1 >>>>
Link-2 >>>>

You can still buy cheap beads and primotat them to a plastic ring colored yarn.

Detailed master class on making of handicrafts made of plastic bottles cm. Link >>>>

Earlier we talked about how to make stems for flowers from plastic bottles. These beautiful spiral can be used for the manufacture of jewelry made from plastic bottles.

Of plastic bottles on the same principle as the flowers, you can make a beautiful necklace. Cut out bottles of various shapes petals and leaves. Hold them for a short time over the fire, so they took shape. Put them on the line.

Examples of designer jewelry from plastic bottles can be viewed at the link >>>>

And from the bottom of a plastic bottle can make a stand for jewelry.

For the manufacture of articles made of plastic bottles with their own hands, you will need, in addition to themselves bottles, metal threaded rod and nuts and washers.

link >>>>

6. Plastic bottle crafts for garden. Articles made of plastic bottles to give

From plastic bottles, you can make a lot of useful things for the garden. For example, the vase from plastic bottles. To learn how to make a vase out of plastic bottles we mentioned earlier in this article. For other ways to make a vase with his own hands, read the link >>>>

Donyshkovyh of plastic bottles turn out beautiful decorative apples and pumpkins. To do this, cut the bottoms of two bottles, and paint them with acrylic paint, and then hold them together. You can do without the paint, put in articles made from plastic bottles cut into strips of crepe paper.

link >>>>

link >>>>

Continuing the theme of “Plastic bottle crafts for questioning” will tell you about one of the handicrafts plastic bottles for your country house – the “head” of plastic bottles and caps on them. We hope you find a place for these handsome in your home.

link >>>>

link >>>>

link >>>>

For the following articles made of plastic bottles to testify will need a very large number of bottles.

link >>>>

To make curtains of plastic bottles for the holiday home, you need to cut the bottoms of bottles and staple them together fishing line or silk thread. Bottoms of bottles to be cut along the edge so as to obtain such blanks having the shape of a flower. The edges of such preforms can earn a little sandpaper or sear over the fire, that was not hooked on the cut.

Awl, warmed over a fire, pierce holes for threading the fishing line or thread. Nodules fix the position of the pieces on the filament, so they do not bunch up. Work laborious and delicate, but such a curtain does not require financial outlay.

Here is another useful application of plastic bottles in the household.

Useful articles made of plastic bottles to give – a homemade broom. Broom from plastic bottles – a necessary thing in the private sector, especially at the time of leaf fall.

7. Crafts from plastic bottles for kindergarten

The bottom of the plastic bottle, if dip it in the paint, leaving beautiful footprints on paper in the form of a flower.Such an original way you can paint, for example, a blossoming cherry branch. How else can you draw with the fingerprints, read our article “Playing with colors. Fun prints” .

Hope you like these tutorials.