How to make yummy chrysanthemum puff pastry

chrysanthemum puff pastry 1

The unusual result of the most common products, or something at home when there is almost nothing … I hope you enjoy!
Ingredients: (1 serving)
flour – 200 gr.
eggs -3-4 pieces.
sugar – 30 grams.

Cooking method:
knead egg dough roll sheet 2 mm thick, subdivided into 3 cm strips, 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm and 6.5 cm wide, folded over each other from the wide to the narrow, while in the middle of fluff water or eggs that did not then parted …

In the middle of the bands to put the rolling pin, and start to cut the strips 3-4 mm wide and so groups of 7-8 bars, followed by the middle of the Chrysanthemum … well not to push grasp a last, spread the dough stripes, giving the shape of a flower and fry in deep fat ..  ready to …

pull to drain oil, to shift on a plate, place jam … you can sprinkle with powdered sugar …
All the best to you and your loved ones!