How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Holder from Plastic Bottle

This toilet paper holder made of plastic bottle.

All made with bottle recycling
And still has a soap dispenser at the end.

I took a photo from all angles so that
You can see how it was done. But, I … I’m curious, I decided to make one!
And as I have bottles to the mountains,
I got stuck at work.
Let’s go to the materials you will need to get started:
3 pet bottles
1 screw
1 pliers
1 pilot pen
1 ruler
I chose the bottle of Fanta because her body
Is longer and the middle of the bottle is
Suitable for cutting. I took the toilet paper and
Me to make the hits on the sides. Medi and I’m doing the lateral cut. I was measuring the little holes with a ruler.
In this case, I did with 1 cm away,
But this is not a rule.
Each one can do closer or
Further … as you wish. Please note that I made a cut for the roller attachment.
At least what I use is very chubby
And had to make the cut. With the help of the pliers, I got a screw
That allows me to drill the hole and not go straight through
plastic. But be careful when handling! Look at the holes.
I did them well on the that I did with the pen! Here I start to finish my work.
I preferred to do the string.
Although I have other lines, I thought the
String wedged well with plastic. I started the base with low buttonholes. Here the work is finished.
I also made a flower in colored string
And a leaf to give grace! To make the union of the plastic again, I made
In the weeds, with this, the increase necessary to
Fit the toilet paper properly. Here the details of the side.
And do not worry about the holes.
After finishing, you can not even see them.
The tip is to make the holes well on the edge,
And that I only realized after
I began to make the point.
I passed the first career with 3 points high
And 2 chains, and in the second race I made high points on high points, when I arrived in the fan I put
2 high points within space.
So filled it out and it was really cool!

courtesy: madame-kathia

Paper Quilling “Owl” Tutorial – Step by step

“Owl” in the technique of quilling. I hope you enjoy it and come in handy.

Required Material:

  • Paper for quilling (1.5 cm)
  • Paper for pastels
  • Cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Shilo for quilling
  • Template “Sovushka-Owl” (print)

is printed on templates owls, here he is in the right scale. If this is not possible, draw yourself, or by transfer from a computer monitor.

Template on thick paper and cut out.
Do not forget to put border of the wings and abdomen.

When the foundation is ready, glue a loop based on an owl. To do this, take the white stripes 1.5 cm wide, coat with glue of our bases end and glue it to the white outline.

Give dry. Then do the boundaries of the wings and abdomen. To this end we coat with glue the white paper and glue along the contour of a pencil, which we dealt previously.

While drying circuit, we turn to the preparation of the rolls. Our owl is filled with the usual rolls.
For this I used a Korean paper (strip length 27cm, width 1.5 cm) of three colors (blue, two shades and navy blue).

Take a strip and using an awl make 1-2 turns. Shilo remove the strip and get a wrapped end, she was very ready to begin to curl.

Then begin your hands to roll the strip into the roll.

When the roll is rolled, dissolve it, put on the edge of the adhesive strip and fix.

The maximum diameter of the roll dissolved 1.5 cm and less.

And so we harvests rolls of different colors and different sizes. To get a small diameter, 27cm strip cut into several pieces, and twisting of these rolls.

When the rolls is sufficient, we go to fill our owls. To do this, we apply the adhesive evenly over the area, which we plan to fill. I started from the bottom. Take on the rolls turn and glue them. It should be done fairly quickly, since the adhesive dries quickly.

Here are a few photos of owls filling process.

When our body is filling owl, go to the wings. To do this, we need the same twist roll, dissolve it and squeeze the two opposite sides, leaving midway through the middle. We get the diamond unit. On the edge of the strip of glue is applied, fix.

When diamonds are ready, just fill in the wings, as well as the body of an owl.

So far, all we have to dry, we turn to the eyes. Take pastel paper translate from the eye template, cut and pasted on each other.

Give the glue to dry, so that in the future the eyes have not collapsed. And when everything is ready glue them to the body of an owl. Like this.

And there are very little. Make legs.
Also curl roll, dissolve it, forming a diamond unit and owls are glued to the bottom calf.

And this is our night owl is ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: art-quilling

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DIY Paper Hand Fan Making Easy Tutorial

Beautiful idea of ​​creating paper hand fan with simple task of materials in order to access to all.

Required Material:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers


A sheet folded in half vertically.

Cut along the fold line.

Both halves of the sheet are formed identically. Fold them in half …

More time in half …

Again half …

And the last time in half.

Expand …

And glue them by putting one on the other, to the fold line.

Razrisuy striped patterns, or any pattern on both sides.

Plant pattern & more …

Fold the strip of accordion in the planned folds.

The lower edge of the accordion glue, applying glue droplets in every crease.

From another paper sheet cut strip (about 2 cm) vertically.

Fold the remaining sheet in half … And cut it. Of the half of the sheet to make the fan holder. Fold edge, approximately 1 cm, and keep it folded, wrapping a strip to the end.

Glue the edge of the holder so that the paper does not unwind.

Fold the paper and mate.

Smear glue the cut edge of the strips of paper …

Wrap a strip of the base of the fan …

And seal the edge.

Spread the adhesive side of the fan …

And stick holder, without going to the bottom.

Veer ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: stranamasterov

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DIY Multicolored Paper Peacock

An interesting DIY Paper Craft Project can consist a wide variety of easy Do It Yourself Paper Craft Ideas for you to make at home. This Step by step tutorial with instructions on how to make Multicolored Paper Peacock for Home Decor project is something, that you must watch in order to ensure, you make this wonderful paper craft idea in an easy and systematic way. Peacock design paper craft ideas are always searched for by avid crafters.

Capture the sheer majestic presence of the beautiful peacock by making it as an awesome and easy paper craft idea.Being a fun art and craft activity for kids, you can also make this Multicolored paper peacock for kid’s school projects.Use this amazing Multicolored Paper Peacock as a creative handmade home decoration Idea for your home.

Come! let us learn how to make the pretty Multicolored Paper Peacock.

Step 1: Required Material
The basic craft supplies that you need to make the multicolored peacock are as follows:
  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Craft glue
  • Scale
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Pencil
  • Thick Cardboard
  • Thin Cardboard
  • Colors
  • Black sketch pen
  • Styrofoam/Thermocol Balls
  • Earbud
  • Decorative Stones
  • Glitter
Step 2: Make the Base

Make the base of the craft by drawing the shape of the body, neck and the beak of the peacock, on a thick cardboard and make two similar cut outs like this.

Paste and join the two cardboard cut out together with glue gun.

Cut thin cardboard strips and cover the gap remaining between the two bodies of the Peacock.

Make 2 blue paper cut outs of the same measurement as that of the cardboard.

Cover the bodies of the peacock with blue color paper.

Step 3: Build Your Craft

Cut out a semicircle measuring 28 cm in diameter, from the thin cardboard.

Cut out square shaped pink color papers measuring 5 cm x 5 cm and make multiple cones with them.

Paste them on the edge of the semicircle, with craft glue, to form the first layer of the peacock feathers.

Add a layer of blue paper cones after the pink one in the peacock feathers.

Keep adding different colors of paper cones to brighten up your peacock!

Keep a small space, blank, in the center.

Step 4: Add Creativity to Your Craft

Make paper cones in 5 different colored layers.

Now take the cardboard body of the peacock and make a slit using cutter.

Insert the paper cones semi circle in the slit and ensure it is firmly fixed.

Paste and join two different colored quillings trips and make tear drop shaped coils with them.

Step 5: Decorate Your Craft

Cut styrofoam balls in half and paste them on the peacock’s body and the remaining space in the semicircle.

Color the beak and draw the eyes using black sketch pen and line the neck of the peacock using decorative pearls.

Paint both the ends of a few earbuds and cut the stick in the center.

Paste them on the peacock’s head to form the crest.

Add some glitter to the earbuds to be used as the crest.

Step 6: Your Craft Is Ready

Within no time and a few basic steps of easy paper craft ideas, you have a beautiful DIY Multicolored Paper peacock ready to adorn the room decor of your living room. This pretty looking colorful Peacock design Craft idea for Home Decorations is one such cool craft that can bring an instant energy to your otherwise boring looking Home Decor.

Courtesy: StylEnrich

DIY Butterfly Clock Wall Art Tutorial

This crafts project shows how to make a butterfly clock wall art. Creative DIY idea to make unique piece of home decor with your own hands! It will look fantastic on your home wall. You can make colorful butterflies to decorate kids’s room. Let’s try it.

Required Material:

  • A piece of black cardboard;
  • Card stock paper of various colors;
  • Utility knife, scissors, ruler, pencil, compass;
  • Glue;
  • Clock movement mechanism.

How to make quilling basket of flowers bouquets

I really like to create thumbnails quilling wee bouquets for my friends. This model is quite easy to do.
The strips in any shade and shape the fold by the following images. Try using thicker paper, ie. Min. 120g / m2. Thanks basket better retain the shape. On a piece of paper, draw two circles (the first is 6.5 cm, the second 2cm in diameter). Put your card on a pad cork and of cover with foil, then it will sklejcie together elements (about 22), the second one in the middle of a larger circle. Wait until the glue dries.

I’ve always enjoyed making Quilled miniatures and flower baskets are my favorites.This model is quite simple and easy to make.

Roll and shape your coils, any color you choose.Try to use thicker paper, at least 120 gr / m2, this way the basket will keep its shape better and will not deform.On a piece of paper draw two circles of 6.5 cm and 2 cm in diameter.Place it on a corckboard, cover it with a plastic sheet and then glue the coils, Approximately 22 pieces, one by one inside the big circle.Let it dry.

Now sklejcie together the ends-receive slightly conical shape. Glue it to tightly twisted disc made from four strips. After drying glue uformujcie basket, generously repress the glue in the middle and in the Paste the basket respectively, cut a piece of Styrofoam.

Now glue the two ends together, you’ll Obtain a conical shape. Glue it on top of a tight coil made from four strips and when the glue dries gently press it to give it an elongated shape. Add a good amount of glue inside the basket and glue a piece of polystyrene.

Cover the Styrofoam piece of paper, add a hand basket – basket is ready. Fill it with any kind of flowers … in my basket was a butterfly.

Cover the polystyrene with a piece of paper, add a handle and the basket is ready.Fill it with any type of flowers you like … it’s mine I also added a small butterfly.

To obtain another invoice you can use the bezel to bars / crimper.

For a different texture you can use a paper crimper tool.

I hope that my course liked you and help you to explore the beautiful art quilling.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and That Will help you discover the beautiful art of quilling.

Handmade paper frock for fancy dress competition

Make beautiful paper frock for fancy dress competition-

The skirt of petals from here …How to make paper frock for fancy dress competition. A Pts. just. A4 sheet of paper Half, but do not bend, and the bottom just outline the position slightly bend the middle of a flattening, so that was a trace By the middle, bend the sides of the sheet, and also do not wrinkle and fold denote places Leaf half and cut here so smooth corners In expanded form like this Now connect the planned locations of bends. Those. extreme bends connect with secondary and fastening stapler. And our tab for the dress skirt. You see it is not crushed, and the volume at the top. Blanks made of pieces 70. It depends on the size of the child course Harvesting dresses. Make it possible in any way to your child just the usual dress … one mom even did everything in sequence. I attach all. Those. then someone in that much.
Fasten the bottom row of petals on the Staple with large paper clips.
Then … back down on the bottom row of 10 cm and fasten the next row staggered
Then again 10cm and another series of staggered …… and so on. d, to the top of the skirt That skirt is ready. The sketch was gone. But while it slightly redesigned. Top is a highly compressed paper. Glued to the bodice of her gor.kleem and formed rosettes zhatye or fancy flowers. There is already allowing fantasy. On top belt tied satin ribbon width of 2.5 cm, the back bow. Here are sewed perchatochki of guipure. There were pieces of trailing guipure, just come in handy. Crown. Petals in the same way as a skirt, just sheets to take less of course the size. And the handbag to a dress, too, made in color. Favorite turquoise. And now she’s a model. Dress sprinkled with silver glitter paint, ie. it casts serebrom.Na photo certainly does not pass. It’s a pity.

DIY: Beautiful Snowflakes-Socket

Beautiful snowflakes-sockets of paper.

Of them can make mobile, garland. Or use as a single decoration. The sheets of A4 color copy paper glue glue stick two. For sockets diameter 10 cm (little snowflake) plates should be glued on the long side.For larger diameter outlet for short. The paper was cut into strips the width of about 5 cm for small snowflakes. And the band 7 cm large. Do not forget that for socket strips of different diameters have to be of different lengths. Put a strip on the cutting mat with centimeter markings and selling fold line folds over every centimeter. The best tool for this operation is a pen without ink. Tip: Burst folds as possible and before the paper is cut into strips. Fold accordion band at the planned folds. Then Let us openwork notch. The patterns can be very different. First issue the edge. To trim fold about five folds, accordion entire crop will not work immediately. Then, cut the patterns inside the accordion.Also small, four or five folds in portions. Prepared glue the accordion in the ring glue stick. Collect the resulting ring in the socket. In the middle of a drip a little hot glue. Hold the socket until the glue hardens. You can also use quick-drying contact adhesive. But then razetku need to commit time to glue dries. For example, some pin object (hot glue but convenient). For large snowflakes head diameter of 5 cm, for small 4 cm. The head was cut out from a dense white paper. I use “shell” with embossed watercolor. Hairstyle make a circle of colored paper. Face paint silver gel pen with glitter. Eyes pencil mark the stenciled “circle”, and then circle the pen. Garnish with the same handle hair. Big snowflakes need an extra layer between the socket and the head. Circle of paper 9 cm in diameter radial fold and cut a simple snowflake. Or use as a middle layer of openwork napkin pastry shop. Merge all layers. Ready snowflakes decorate with glitter. Apply glue PVA place you want to decorate and sprinkle with glitter. Behind glue a circle of cardboard the color “Silver.” All snowflakes different from each other. Therefore, it seems to me, is a good option for co-creation. Each will make his snowflake, and then you can collect a large garland or mobile. This tiny snowflakes.Diameter 10 cm. Photograph mobility very difficult. All revolve 🙂 Yes, still dark in the kitchen. In nature it looks much better.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

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Step 8

Step 9

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Step 13

Step 14

DIY Pull up Window Shade Made of Paper

If playing with paper has been a habit of yours since you were a child, then this next DIY project will surely make you happy. And will also bring a brand new touch to the interior design of your living or kitchen. The pull-up paper window shade we suggest you make is a nice piece of decoration which will prove very useful in those sunny days. When you’ve managed to complete this project, you could protect your movie-watching time or your baking session with a simple yet handy window shade made out of paper. Choose the color which matches the rest of the decor and put your old paper skills to good use. You will need some simple materials, such as wallpaper, double-sided tape, or a thick rope. Be sure to read the entire list of necessary items, as well as the proper instructions on how to make your very own pull up window shade made of paper. Good luck!
Required Material:

  • Wallpaper or other hard paper
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape
  • Nylon rope
  • Plastic Cord Lock
  • Hole puncher

Autumn scrapbooking-postcard

Autumn scrapbooking-postcard with your own hands – step by step masterclass for Bright autumn days.

Autumn – this bright time of year. Last warm days and amazing colors of autumn colors and pulls save. Autumn card can be a nice gift for the occasion and without it, especially if, in addition desire to invest in it more and favorite photo.

Postcard on “Autumn” with his own hands

Required tools and materials:

  • paper for scrapbooking, color cardboard;
  • photos and captions ornaments, nails;
  • artificial leaves, bechevka, a strip of burlap;
  • breadboard knife, scissors, line, glue, corner punch (optional);
  • sewing machine.



  • Cardboard biguem center to get two equal parts.

Paper, cut into parts of suitable size. Based on prikleivaem cord (you can use 2 segment), top prikleivaem paper on the back of cards and proshivaem. Paper for the front of the card do array of jewelry. Before you start recording and nashivaty decoration can be a picture of the composition, do not forget row in this process. Then begin to record and flashed jewelry from bottom to top. Some items may be completed with the help of nails. Ready prikleivaem cover of a cardboard base and proshivaem. One of the parties may hit the corners dыrokolom for easy insertion of photos. Both cards (for pictures and letters) prikleivaem of cardboard mat.

  • Finally prikleivaem card to the remaining paper items proshivaem and vkleivaem in a postcard.
  • This card itself navivaet warm thoughts and good memories, but the image will still special charm.



The author masterclass – Nikishova Mary.