How to make paper core model floats


Pretty three floats handmade models, simple and yet beautiful, love for the children by hand to DIY. . Ready reel spool, wire and wrapped with white paper were made tricycle Che Gulu and body, and then together. . Not very detailed steps require everyone to use their brains, oh. .

How to make egg box

Egg box with his hands 1

Gallery will be a lot, you’ll excuse me, but photoshop them and do not have time to integrate.
So, take an ordinary pot for seedlings (worth a penny)FROM plastic bottle cut throat and podplavlyaem bit of an edge over the fire, then the paper is not torn on the edges. I apologize for the background because the first did not think to do MK
From People poll yay Tso cut out (not necessarily perfectly smooth, the main form). The diameter is the same as in a pot, or maybe a little less, then the lid will stay on flowers
At the bottom of the hole do (oh, by the way, and here are the update cents).
It is cut straight scissors woohoo easy, even a “markup is” Included perfect, as if well conceived

Stand almost ready That’s actually this is my idea A further twist any flowers, but smaller is better Vtyrkivaem flowers in egg
Flowers do not insert to the workpiece edge to remain porch that decorates flex hose. And the very bottom I painted, but it is possible to seal the same flex hose And here I took “replacement player”. The first pot was not enough, so I did the flowers too long legs, had to be replaced. But the point remains the same: a vase decorates flex hose Kristen? added UK Rasha Lok added UK Rasha Lok Together Inside spread ground chocolates READY Well, finally done!

Beautiful and simple cardboard chest

Chest out of cardboard 1

For storage of various household items, valuables, and other items used chest. From ancient times, people have become accustomed to such a container for storage. Produced most of the trunks of wood and decorated with various metallic elements. In the same master class, you will learn how to make a wonderful chest improvised with minimal cost.

Required Materials:
• Cardboard.
• PVA glue.
• Ducts of consumer paper.
• «Moment” glue.
• dressmaker pins.
• Decor.
• pliers.

Stages of manufactureOn any trunk box make markup. Cut.

• paste over the outside of the box main background, the space into about 6 cm.
On the long side of the trunk, layout attaches dressmaker pins flattened tubes as in the photo.

Now take a long strip of a different color. Secure the ends of the pins on the left side. Now do the weave, the distance can be taken equal to the width of the tube.

When depleting to the top, fold the ends of the strips and glue them inside.

Here is the inside • While the glue dries, get the trunk lid. This MK bottle width equal to the width of the chest, so there is nothing to adjust the size is not necessary. Wet the cardboard and attach it to the bottle using adhesive tape. When the board is dry, it should be several times Procrit PVA glue. For greater reliability, you can glue the paper. • As long as dry cover, continue to braid the side of the trunk. Where should you need to build a strip? High lateral part is ready. Trim the excess from the strips and glue well. Continue to braid the trunk. Remember to stick to the bottom of the strip, the strip MK yellow. As a result of your labors get here is a neat and beautiful chest. We admire? Now continue to work. Edges to look neat and beautiful. The lid of the chest the same color as the trunk itself, going upstairs to 6 cm. Try to design converged smoothly. Arrange the cover as desired. Connect your imagination and forth. As a result of this work should be the following.But, of course, calls for a chest decoration. Be creative and create. Let things made with their own hands, endows you with kindness, beauty, and warmth.

Beautiful butterfly wall art

Butterfly wall art 1

Items we need Double side tape, Pencil, Scissor, Chart paper of any color or as many colors as ur wish. U can make it colorful too. Here I m showing u method of a bigger butterfly.Cut a piece of chart paper 10* 10 cm. Then fold it from middle Then draw half of butterfly design using a pencil. It will be the back portion of a butterfly. Then cut like this. Open the butterfly, n do finishing. Take 5 cm double side tape Stick this double sided tape on back part of butterfly like this, covered double side tape should be used to stick this butterfly on the wall. Once u make all the butterflies. Then u can paste these on the wall at one time. Make any design using these.Butterfly wall art, around 60 butterflies of different size. I used smaller butterflies in making the tail of heart. Then remaining used in ascending order.

Beautiful asters quilling


Side view. Flowers closely. Work on gathering silikon. “How fast shear” teeth “and make “.
Take 1 sheet of paper, folded along. Once again along. The last turns of the strip .Shirina 2.5 cm. Cut the fold And just 8 pieces set! Because so many pieces I made one . them one after the other: 1 yellow, purple and green 6. Screw, periodically spreading glue. hen turn down the center of his fingers. Then tighten up the scissors to the center. Side view. Tip: To get the back straight, the yellow strip, I Screw on the needle, and then all rukami.Roll then turns denser. Changed the green strip on a lush grass. The flower aster below lush sepal. That purple , they are ready for placement in the basket. And zhёltenkie also ready. in the form of TC on manufacturing listikov.Esli something is not clear write. Basket on a basket fone.Pobodnuyu saw Ina in her blog in July rabote.Ochen she sunk into my soul, and that’s done in his own way.
THANK NAIS, HUGE! Work ready! Oh, like a bouquet of asking in a round picture frame! But no! It will live long in this!