How to make marigold flower with crepe paper

How to make marigold flower with crepe paper

Marigolds are one of the most popular flowers used in weddings and other celebrations. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create a beautiful marigold bouquet using crepe paper. Crepe paper is a type of paper that is often used for making crafts. It is a thin paper that is easy to fold and has a slightly crinkled texture. Crepe paper is available in a wide range of colors, so it is a good choice for many different projects.

About Marigold flower

The marigold flower is a beautiful flower that is often used in decorative displays. The flower is native to North America and is a member of the Asteraceae family. The marigold flower is available in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, and red. The flower has a long history of use in traditional medicine and is thought to have a variety of health benefits.

Beautiful marigold flower with crepe paper

The Marigold flower is often associated with the crepe paper. This is because the Marigold flower is often used as a decoration for crepe paper. The Marigold flower is also used in other decorations, such as in bouquets. To make a marigold flower out of paper, you will need a sheet of orange construction paper, a sheet of yellow construction paper, a stapler, scissors, and a green pipe cleaner. First, cut the orange paper into a 6-inch by 6-inch square.

Next, cut the yellow paper into a 6-inch by 6-inch square. Fold the orange paper in half, and then in half again. Next, do the same with the yellow paper. Staple the two folded pieces of paper together at the center. Once stapled, cut each side of the orange paper into a triangle, stopping about an inch from the center. Unfold the paper, and then refold it so the triangles are pointing inwards. Once again, staple the two pieces of paper together at the center. Next, cut the yellow paper into eight strips, each about an inch wide. Take four of the strips and staple them together at the center to create a cross. Repeat this step with the remaining four strips of yellow paper. Attach the yellow cross to the center of the orange flower. Finally, twist the green pipe cleaner around the center of the flower to create the stem. Courtesy- Sreeja K Achyuthan


What flower looks like crepe paper?

The flower that looks like crepe paper is the poppy. The poppy is a beautiful flower that is often used in bouquets and other arrangements. The poppy has a delicate appearance and its petals are thin and fragile.

How long do crepe paper flowers last?

Crepe paper flowers are a beautiful and unique decoration for any event. They are also relatively easy to make. But how long do they last? Assuming they are made correctly and stored properly, crepe paper flowers can last quite a long time. They won’t wilt like real flowers, so you don’t have to worry about them drooping. However, the colors may fade over time if they are exposed to sunlight. Overall, crepe paper flowers are a great option if you’re looking for something that will last. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, and they should retain their beauty for many months.

Beautiful Leaf Craft Ideas for Kids

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DIY Paper Hand Fan Making Easy Tutorial

Beautiful idea of ​​creating paper hand fan with simple task of materials in order to access to all.

Required Material:

  • 2 sheets of paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers


A sheet folded in half vertically.

Cut along the fold line.

Both halves of the sheet are formed identically. Fold them in half …

More time in half …

Again half …

And the last time in half.

Expand …

And glue them by putting one on the other, to the fold line.

Razrisuy striped patterns, or any pattern on both sides.

Plant pattern & more …

Fold the strip of accordion in the planned folds.

The lower edge of the accordion glue, applying glue droplets in every crease.

From another paper sheet cut strip (about 2 cm) vertically.

Fold the remaining sheet in half … And cut it. Of the half of the sheet to make the fan holder. Fold edge, approximately 1 cm, and keep it folded, wrapping a strip to the end.

Glue the edge of the holder so that the paper does not unwind.

Fold the paper and mate.

Smear glue the cut edge of the strips of paper …

Wrap a strip of the base of the fan …

And seal the edge.

Spread the adhesive side of the fan …

And stick holder, without going to the bottom.

Veer ready.

Hope you like this tutorial.

Source: stranamasterov

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How to Make Cardboard Mega Organizer

Beautiful Cardboard Mega Organizer: Take a piece of cardboard, a little more than A4. I took this size. A little longer and a little below … do these 2 items. Then, on the one part indent 4 cm below the upper edge. Was handy plastic container cap. I placed it exactly in the center, through which we measured out)
Cut … Here is the neckline we’ve got) This two together. Do marginalia … Result. Glued it all together, and got a crate). Without a bottom … Top view. Exactly like …Makes the second work piece. The process is the same. The same cap) Do these two parts. Try on … This marginalia. Glued. Delicious … everything sticks together Moment “Crystal”. You can make between compartments stenochku one … But I liked it so much anymore. Plastered napkins or paper towels, as in my case. I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future).I stayed pasted paper towels tube (I always do for the future). Looking ahead a bit … do such departments-pockets made of cardboard. Again, try on … Now themselves pockets. Cut 2 strips of … By hand, I draw an arc on which cut too much. Forgot to mention that divided the strip into two parts. Bottom 3cm, 2.5cm top. Like this …. Burst … These are the arcs we get … Try on … Making a second pair of pockets … The process is the same …Try on … Pockets remove. I missed the photo as papered them. They are dried))) I did not have a large piece of cardboard, and I decided to make it out of pieces. Who has a large sheet, it will be easier. Many things can be missed. Puts the already dried pockets to our subject) I like it) Since I have a small piece of cardboard, obvozhu only with the first pockets. Hard to see, but I think it is clear. Like this … Cut and paste at the time of “Crystal”. Since the whole structure is placed on a bad photo, will be showing one side. Try on the pocket … Take a piece of cardboard More … placed under the structure, and try on the second pocket … encircles the second pocket, and cut. Do not forget to do likewise second side) Remove pockets … As you may have noticed, there is no photo with a sketch … But I think everything is clear) Here is a detail should get. Smear glue under the tube and cut, which we will stick to the first part.Glue and fix for reliability masking tape … Now it’s pockets) We glue them … That’s what we’ve got. Now paste napkins bottom, inside and out. The rest is in the process … to finish, lay out photo description … While decorating a matter of taste. You can just paint. And you can issue to the technology, which is the soul. Who, in that much

Father’s Day Cards – card with origami-shirt

The idea of ​​shirt seemed to me interesting and not too difficult, especially because I know how to do origami shirt. I learned to do them for a long time, even when a student exchange in the US – then gave me a dollar made in shirt.This folded dollar is I still – I was laid out and with it probably a thousand times.

Here is the compiled Shirt:

Quite realistic, is not it? On the Internet you will find plenty of instructions to help you add up a shirt in 3 minutes! Here is my version of these instructions, adapted to the size of paper 15 x 15 cm (with a single sheet can be done two shirts). Bend piece from two sides towards the center fold line swipe colonies in the region of 5-7 mm from the upper edge, turn the sheet and bend the top corners at the middle, with the other side of 4 cm to bend the middle, then fold the lower portion (up collar). Lay the foundation shirts and fold the inner edges forming a sleeve, and then fold the shirt. The shirt will serve as the centerpiece of my cards. Actually I made these shirts and two ties complement them with tape.

Required Materials:

  • Letter fine scrap paper 15×15 cm for shirts;
  • Letter blue and white cardboard;
  • Houndstooth folder for stamping ;
  • Bradsy Smirk for Him ;
  • Feed Smirk Best Dad Ever ;
  • Double-sided tape.

Size cards – 10.5 x 14.5 cm (half an A4 sheet). For a card I cut the white lining Size 10.1 x 14.3 cm and a blue square (the size of 9.8 x 9.8 cm), and another strip of scrap paper size of 9.8 x 5 cm. Blue square I squeezed through the machine for embossing that there was a certain texture. But if the machine is not present, then you can do without it. Tied ribbon.
Knot the ribbon I decorated the icon with a funny image. I also graced the back of a postcard and glue the white paper in the middle, so that you can write on it greetings. Here is a get the original “Father’s Day card”!

Courtesy: zrobysama

how to make Quilling Earrings

Learn how to make quilling earrings in just a few steps with the help of step by step tutorial.

Material Required to make the Quilled Hoop Earrings:
  • Quilling strips (5 mm) in green and purple colors
  • Quilling needle
  • Earring hooks
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step 1: Paste and join two purple quilling strips.

Step 2: Take a cylindrical Object and roll to wrap this quilling strip 2-3 times around it and paste the end to make a purple colored ring.

Step 3: Make two purple colored rings like this.

Step 4: Take a green quilling strip and cut and divide it in two equal parts.

Step 5: Make tear drop shaped coils with them. Shape them properly using your fingers.
Step 6: Make multiple tear drop shaped coils.

Step 7: Place the purple rings flat on the table and apply some glue in the inner side of the purple ring.

Step 8: Paste the tear drop shaped coils in a designer form, making a pattern of your choice.

Step 9: Take 1/4th of a purple quilling strip and make a loose coil with it.

Step 10: Insert a jump ring in the loose coil.

Step 11: Pass an earring hook in it. Similarly, make another earring and complete the pair.

How to make feathered carnival mask

I propose to you today a DIY very easy to realize with your children, a mask bird colorful paper.

To realize it, you will need three times nothing:
A colored cardboard plate
Thick color paper
A decorated paper straw
A large round hole punch (3.3 cm diameter)

Cut the cardboard plate into two equal parts so as to form the base of the mask.

Using a hole punch, make two round holes at eye level.

To make the feathers of the mask, use the template, place it on a sheet of colored paper and fold in half.

Make notches along the feather using scissors.

Glue the beak and paper feathers to the base.

Finish the decoration of the mask with sticks and fix the straw on the back of the mask.

Happy holidays with your kids and good carnival!

courtesy: madame-citron

How to make paper flowers bells – Step by step

The bell of the paper with your hands out of paper. How to make flowers bells of paper with your hands.

Since we do kolokolchik.Snachala prepare sprig (wire, wrapped in paper and corrugated rolls 0,5 funnel strip 3 mm. Wide)
More engrave leaves three dimensions (corrugation. Paper glued twice) smallest and sepals (gofr.bumaga in one layer)

Paper glue twice, after drying iron utyugom. Vyrezaem pattern (1/4 circle with five “teeth”) detali.Skleivaem their “kulechkom”, spin the teeth, whereby a circular shape of a bell to attach nozhke. Podgotovim stamens: cut fence (white gofr.bumaga in one layer), divide by three pieces of cloves, base curl, kinks and bends.

Here we are ready to assemble the flower: stamens themselves bells, sepals, leaves and twigs from the craters. All stages shown in the photo. And another point: for the tight buds of blue paper curl arbitrarily.

And here is the finished branch:

Thank you for your attention!

Easy Paper Quilling Photo Frame (Tutorial)

It requires the following ingredients:

  • A dense paper for background (at least 300g / m2)
  • Less dense paper for flowers (from 120 to 160 g / m2 – denser not desirable, tk strip of this size will not curl and smoothly obedient) two colors. In my case it is white, that will stand out, and a gentle shade of the background color, which will allow the flowers to our successfully combined with the main color and helps highlight the details.
  • Paper knife and steel ruler to cut strip. Use scissors to cut a tedious affair
  • PVA glue
  • A toothpick or other curler rolls

Cut into strips 30 cm long and 5 mm wide, the number pretends leaning on conceived plot. There are many clever ways to quickly cut, for example, cut a few layers of paper at a time, but this density (120 to 160), it is quite difficult. so long to not split hairs, I bonded with paper flowers tetrad piece of a cell and, Whack-Whack-Whack by moving the line of cells…

But first, make a frame, and best of all – for later.

We mark up our most dense leaf. It is recommended to prepare a detailed shemku on paper, not to cut too much, take into account all the dimensions. I look forward to photos 13×18, based on these dimensions, select the width of the box, my left and from the bottom a little bit wider. Zakrnchiv layout, cut out window for the picture, which should be slightly smaller than the photo

Now for the “pocket” into which the picture will be inserted. Photographic paper is very thick and has a substantial thickness, so that the frame is not deformed when it put them in the photo, we give the pocket a little bit width)) is glued to the back of the narrow strip of heavy paper, and now you can stick and “pocket” itself, which will not allow our shot to drop out of the frame.

Basis is ready.

We turn to the flowers. As you probably already know, the Demi have a whole bunch of examples and lessons, which explores in detail and scale of the basic quilling techniques.
So, for the manufacture of the petal we need a paper strip, which by means of a split toothpick (or more noble instrument) is rolled into a tight roll of. A roll in turn unwound to a certain diameter, and then the end of the strip is fixed with white glue rolls and formed into the desired shape with the fingers. my hands to avoid dark spots then hurt at work. Particularly easy to get dirty cuts strips for the white paper is a disaster, it is easy to give very poor appearance.

For the manufacture of identical petals useful template to unwind rolls up to a diameter. Here is my first flower

Mnoe still really like the flowers of this form

and leaves, of course

In general, we turn your heart’s content, do not forget to create a variety of flora dimensions))
when the basic elements are ready, dispose of on the frame and prileivaem.
This is not the final version, but the meaning is, I think, is clear.

Now add the details and Circuits, until the composition does not seem quite complete

one last step – attach the back of the podstvku stability.

frame ready

Thank you for attention. I hope you will come in handy malenkty my lesson. I’d be happy reviews!

Vase with flowers – Mother’s Day Gift (Tutorial)

Mother’s Day gift – flower vases made in the art of paper cutting.

Long I stare at work Zulfiya Dadashov. Not so long ago bought a knife for cutting, tried to cut a Christmas tree for its MC. Cut I liked it, so I decided to do the work for the competition in this technique.

Author template:

Required Material:

  • paper white and pink,
  • knife for cutting,
  • a ruler and a tool for creasing,
  • scissors,
  • shaped punches,
  • glue,
  • pencil,
  • ribbon, rhinestones.

The finished scheme did not seek, I decided to draw itself. I admit, it did not work the first time.

He translated his drawing on thin paper and secure it with a stapler on white paper to cut, folded in half.

Cut parts with a knife. As the experience in the cutting I did not so much, it was hard to cut curved elements.

Then cut out the contour of the vase.

Based vases necessary to line 3 (probigovat) and folded on it, for the construction stability.

Top between the two halves of the vase paste leaf and cut it in a semicircle. This place is a decorative elements – flowers.

For the manufacture of each flower will need 3 different sizes of paper square. You need to add these squares in half and draw half of a flower.

I cut blanks for 5 flowers. Unbent their petals. And then glued blanks flowers with each other.

In addition the finished flower pasted dyrokolny little flower.

Next, the leaves made by a hole punch. And sticking them on top of the vase (pasted on a sheet).

After this has placed the flowers and glue them.

Midway flowers can be decorated with rhinestones.

At the bottom of the vase tied bow, covering only one half of the vase.

Hope you like this tutorial.

DIY Beautiful roses from watercolor paper – Step by step

Beautiful roses can be made from the watercolor paper . The color scheme can be very different, and the use of such flowers in the decoration.

The paper – Whatman “Gosznak”.
These flowers I do of Korean paper, but in the master classes of special use drawing paper, so that you quickly determine the paper.

Prepare a lot of parts, score the petals fold stack. Take a spray bottle and spray water between the layers. Knead the stack of paper, like a slice of dough for dumplings. Periodically check the middle, it is necessary that the paper is soaked in water.
Or the second option – fast. Place a stack of paper under running water, dip a layer. Remove from the water. Use your fingers to distribute water, soak again until the paper gets wet completely. The second option I like the most 🙂
Not very pressing with a wet paper proceed to the next step.

PS: Who has difficulties with the purchase of a composter 5cm, use the template.

The small amount of water dilute the ink. Or sponge type paint with a pad, dip in water and wring out. You can use the printer ink.

Sponzhem (I cosmetic) promakivat movements (such as “Peck, Peck”), color seredinku upper layer stack, set aside, and then the next layer. Thus, gradually shifting into the second half stack of color. Do not be afraid of the excess water and flimsy parts.

Take the second half of the unpainted parts and barely touching the edge dip into the paint.

Painted stack parts mash fingers, evenly distributing the paint. Check the middle, if the paint is distributed poorly, squirts water spray between the layers.

Zakonchiv staining, good water press fabric.
Clutching a stack to one side, dry the hair dryer parts on all sides until almost dry. Do not use a hair dryer to embosinga.

Detail fold. Collecting accordion, make folds.
Hold fingers detail about the middle, hold the edge of the tweezers. Gently rotate only the tweezers until the paper does not slip out of it. If the paper is torn, the more dry the parts hairdryer. Conversely, if the fold is not laid soft – moisten.

Adjust the folds, holding fingers area.

Gently flatten the piece and leave to dry.

When the first deferred parts dried up. can be specks.
Take the ink pad black. Better ink resistant to water. Brush with a short stiff bristles (I from the vacuum cleaner to clean the filter can be pulled out of the tuft brushes).
Vertically holding the brush, make a point movement specks.

While the details have not yet dried completely, use the line with circles and tools, make an indentation in the center, dropping petals on the line.
Leave the parts to dry completely.

Glue the parts, pressing tool in the center.

Make a hole awl. Fold the stamens in half, using a wire.

Drag the stamen to the middle of using the line with the hole, so as not to deform the flower. Apply the adhesive so that then cut the excess, stamens are not dropped. Lower stamens to the desired length by gluing them to flower.

That this result was stained in the center and on the edges. The options really are so many and each flower is unique. Do a lot at once, in stages, it is very convenient and much less time than if you make one flower. The process is very exciting and challenging, boring only stamens inserted.While I was preparing for the master class, so I absorbed that made a huge bunch of flowers for 3 days – 236 pcs. Enough for a year or two 🙂

Keep flowers convenient threading a wire through the eyelets of the stamens. For works by suitable simply cut off.

Hope you like this tutorial.