How to create earrings in oriental style

earrings in oriental style 1

I present to you a simple, creating bright oriental earrings

Required Material:

  • Round glass 14 mm (color ruby)
  • Glass beads 6/0 (red)
  • Glass beads 8/0 (brown metallic / iris)
  • Glass beads 9/0 (orange)
  • Glass beads 10/0, 11/0 (brown metallic / iris)
  • Glass beads 10/0 (gold)
  • Crystal pearls 4mm (Color Vintage Gold)
  • Superduo beads (color Pale Gold)
  • Fire Polished faceted beads 6mm (red)
  • Flat-bead drop (the red color)
  • Felt
  • Cardboard
  • Artificial or natural leather
  • Shvenzy
  • Glue “Moment”
  • Needle
  • Monofilament
  • Thread for the suspension
  • Scissors

Getting Started. Glue felt on the glass (I use superglue for glass) and is sheathed in the technique of tapestry weaving. I will not dwell on the description of this technique, The first row of sheathed with brown beads №10 Further, alternating, sew beads №10 gold and brown. Here is the steering cabochon: Around cabochon beads sew a number of №9 orange. I advise you to sew on a bead, so it will be smootherWe proceed to the beads Superduo. Sew them, alternating with brown beads №8.
Above brown beads sew red beads №6, passing through the second hole beads Superduo. Over Superduo sew beads on the two brown beads №11, passing the needle through the large red beads. Cut embroidered items and proceed to the wrong side. I stick to seal cardboard and then glued to the skin. When the product is dry, carefully cut out and proceed to the processing of the edge beads №10 gold. Pass the needle through the beads strung edge products and display the needle from the front. Tightens and pass the needle under the beads from the bottom-up, so the entire edge sewn products. It looks like the reverse side: Fasten fastener. Draw the thread through the bead of the treated region. We collect two gold beads, fastener and again two beads. We form a loop and fasten. We proceed to the suspension. Earrings I embroidered monofilament Suspension is better to take the yarn (nylon, polyester). Draw the thread to the bottom of the product, visually outlining the location of the three suspensions. We collect beads and beads, as shown in the photo. The second suspension will be slightly longer. Third legalize same way as the first. Finished with pendants, fasten thread. Our earrings are ready!