DIY: Weaving Newspapers Basket

In the form of a square weave.

From the corners of the square (in the same direction, for example, right) lay off equal segments. (In! You can easily prove the Pythagorean theorem) I drew the line, they will be in the middle of the product. You can do without them.

Bend on the weaving lines. We get the corners, which can be connected in different ways.

I complied with contrasting lacing tube.
Inside turned square. On the two sides of which there are stanchions and two of his other hand, we substitute them.

Propelled two rows of rope and performed Bending.

Here is the network from the side. Fairly roomy. When the primer it is possible to make the more big bulge.

I took the handle because of the purpose of something like candy, for fruits.

DIY: How to make Napkin holders from recycled Newspaper

Napkin holders from recycled Newspaper 15
Recycled craft are the best thing that everybody want to do. This tutorial shows how to make Napkin holder from recycled Newspaper.

Half a page for each drinking straw

First thing I did the long oval base 20 cm wide and 9 cm, then your round with a diameter of about 9 cm.

With 23 straws folded in half, I formed a pasting range well all the points between them.

At the center of the fan I glued the round, Obviously I made another one almost exactly to the other side.

On the back I reinforced the center with a round card pasted.

I glued with plenty of white glue the two fans on the sides of the oval and waited to dry well.

I made so many wheels of two measures and I pasted them as you see in the picture.

I colored the entire napkin holders in and out with acrylic colors trying to give some shade similar to wood.

I have given then two coats of glue diluted to 10 x 100 with the water, this will be the paint and at the same time will make my much more solid door-napkins.

Finally I decorated one of my farfallotte salt dough.

How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

weaving poultry from newspapers prepare 1

How to weaving poultry from newspapers tubes

We Need:
– newspaper tubes
– glue
– a thin wire beading
– egg (Dried)
– round cardboard Begin braiding poultry from newspapers
First, we need a round piece of cardboard – it will serve as a basis. We attach the tube to the newspaper cardboard base. Now take the usual plastic cup and begin to braid her Once we wove sufficient reason to divide the tube neck (6 pieces), wings (4 pieces) and tail (5 pieces). A little trick – to the neck and the tail of a bird have a smooth bend and easy to take shape, insert it into the newspaper tube wire.


Now we begin to slowly knit neck, wings, and tail

neck weaved and it is time to begin to weave your head. To head, we need an egg. Prepare the soil for him, for this start weaving a spiral

Upon reaching the desired diameter, put the egg and begins to braid a spiral braided

Netting birds completed. It remains to decorate our poultry from newspapers and put on the table!

DIY: Weaving basket with recycled Newspaper