Handmade DIY Glitter Cell Phone Case

Handmade DIY Glitter Cell Phone Case

This “Glitter Cell Case” is made from foam sheets. You can also find foam sheets in Walmart for cheap. Superglue would work best for this project.I had one at home but couldn’t find so had to use the glue gun.

You’ll Need:

  • Foam Sheet
  • Glitter Foam Sheet
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • X-acto Knife
  • Scissor

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DIY: Beautiful Mobile Cover

Required Material:

  • The basic fabric padding polyester,
  • The fabric for the lining,
  • Different materials for decoration.

To cover carve out a rectangle the size of which will depend on your tablet. I look forward to the width of the rectangle as follows: the width of the tablet + two plate thickness + 1 cm + 1 cm allowance on the thickness of padding polyester. The height of the rectangle = height + tablet allowances. After the main part is cut, stitching it together with synthetic padding. And sew cover on the side seams. Try on the resulting “pouch” on the plate, make sure that all the measurements done right.  Now take the lining. We take the same height, as in the previous parts, but the width is calculated as the sum of allowances (I 1 cm) and the width of the inner part, which is obtained in the previous step. (The fact that the width of the pad will be slightly smaller than the width of the rectangle of the base fabric by padding polyester layer). Cut out the lining, sew along the side seams, while necessarily leaving nezashitym hole to cover then you can turn on the front side. Try on the tablet.  Time to reflect on how the case will zakryvatsya- can use a magnetic button, button, or, as in my case- Velcro. I carve and sew a small valve, which will shut case.  We put the wrong part of the cover into the rectangle of the base fabric (make sure that the front of the items placed together), between them put the valve is sewn. Wrenched the resulting cover on the front side (through the hole that was left in the backing parts), paving the decorative stitch along the top seam, and be sure to sew up the hole in the lining. Source