How to make beautiful kraspediya flower

kraspediya flower 1
Step 1. Take the stamens ocher to rose and with the help of pliers in a shallow container.
Step 2. The clay is added  grass green paint №37 and №25 Black

Step 3. On the wire №18 do loop and roll up the rod

Step 4. On the loop put on the ball about 5-7 mm. We are waiting for the complete drying, to when fixing stamens clay is not slid in different directions

Step 5. Knead the clay for the core bit darker stamens (ocher, №44). Dark base gives a good visual effect, “burned in the sun”

Step 6. Glue on the PVA glue, forming a ball of 12-18 mm.

Step 7. Use PVA glue paste head stamens, starting from the center. Make sure that the clay is not moved out. If this happens, correct time stems, forming ball.

Step 8. Completing the spike.

Such kraspediyu can be drawn from the stamens of different colors. It looks great as an adjunct in the composition.