Recycled Soda Bottle Heart Shaped Keeper

Gift with heart pet bottle wreaths to delight your gift. This piece can have the details you want and the colors you want.

To make this craft you will need:

  • 3-liter pet bottle or smaller pet bottle, if you want a smaller carrier;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Spatula;
  • Common scissors;
  • Common white glue;
  • Glue all or hot glue gun;
  • Micro-corrugated paper with the color of your choice;
  • Flower or ornament of your choice to decorate your piece (optional);
  • Structured paper of your choice with the color or stamp also of your preference.

Step by Step Heart Pet Bottle Trek

Start by separating all the materials that you will use in your crafts. Then cut the bottom and top of the chosen pet bottle. Use an adhesive tape to make it easier to cut the bottle straight.

Then wring a piece of the pet bottle. Use a spatula, if you want, to make the job easier. Soon after, fold in the curved part, making a second crease. Now, release the bottle so that it opens naturally and is in the correct position. Then, take the heart made of pet bottle and scratch in the chosen paper. Cut two hearts, to make it firmer, but leave a small leftover around the whole heart, so that the piece made with the pet bottle fits inside the heart at the end.

Soon after, stick one paper heart to the other. Now, cut a strip as wide as you like on the chosen micro-corrugated paper and place it around the paper hearts. Then apply all glue or hot glue to the heart splicing. Let it dry. Stick the heart made of pet bottle. Let it dry. Then, to finish your piece, make another piece of paper, to be the cover of your carrier. If you like, stick a flower or other ornament on the lid. And it’s ready! (images by plumperfectandme)

DIY: Khokhloma in quilling techniques


If you do not mind, I’ll show you how to do your job. Maybe someone else interested. First made (on the picture found on the Internet) berries. Then transferred them to the black cardboard. Berries gathered here in this way. Stripes 2 cm. The width of 1.5 mm is wound and gave them blossom. Strongly they were dismissed because the paper density of 130. Well, then how did you see droplets. And of them was a berry. Then I collect leaves.

Painted sheet of paper under the film. And on it long glue droplets,,,, Black rim glued in half, but not until the end. In the crook of loop turns, these loops are glued to the center. Due to their central vein is obtained. The size of droplets is different. I tried to fit into the picture That leaves all ready. I begin to perform curls. And redcurrants immediately began to play, right? That’s what happened in the end. And now show closer on all sides.

How to make a gift basket at home


You will need a framework for baskets – cardboard, compass, scissors, toothpicks, glue, beads, two thin willow twig, a piece of ceiling foam, stationery knife, cloth width 30 cm and length 120 cm pink piece of red thin ribbon (for the manufacture of a bow).

2.Nachertit and cut out a circle of cardboard to the bottom of the basket.

make cardboard hole for toothpicks mount and secure them with glue. On top of the toothpick stick beads. two willow twig and secure them with glue on the cardboard base. tissue and make cuts a width of 2 cm to a length of 2 cm (6 pieces). gap tear tape from the underlying tissue. The each tape on both sides to remove the thread to form a double-sided fringe, leaving the middle of the ribbon axis 4-5. fix inconvenient place (hammer a nail into the board), and the second – to tighten up as long as the entire length of the tape is twisted spiral evenly. toothpicks twisted ribbon under the scheme 1 after1. The start of tape secured with glue to the bottom of the basket. handle baskets twisted tape, with a beginning and end of the tape glued. slab foam circumference equal to the circumference of the bottom of the basket and glue on cardboard. Prickles on cardboard and Styrofoam circle spiral fabric tape.
Tie of satin ribbon bow and attach the handle to the basket.

Gift Wrapping Techniques


You will need: paper, tape, glue, thread
Cut and glue the paper in such a way to get the tube. In this case – the ducts 7
Each tube will need the bottom and the top, it needs to cut slices of the required diameter.
To those who are “top” glue “tongue of flame.” And to those who will be bottomed, here are pasted strips of paper. Actually, stick to the bottom of the tube will be just with them. Once glued bedplate, let the glue dry. Then fill the tube with gifts – be it sweets, Towelie, socks, handkerchiefs, etc. .
After that, cover with slices of the tube with the “flame”. Then tie the tubes together. This IC is used for this same tape, which was made of “flame” candles.

How to make a dream catcher

Valentine’s Day gift 1

There are those who don’t like surprises, but Valentine’s day decor must be romantic, so I want to show how you can surprise your loved one on Valentine’s day, although that surprise you can do in every other day, for example, on the anniversary of dating or wedding.

We will need:

  • Metal hanger
  • Pliers
  • Embroidery hoop (or plain circle cut from durable cardboard)
  • Red or pink thick yarn, yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A Variety Of buttons, beads, seed beads
  • Pieces of fabric or felt

How to do:

First, we’ll make a heart from a piece of hangers:

The Wind the thread (so as not to slide the next layer): Then connect the tambours and our heart as follows: You can decorate the middle of beads, beading. Tail section can be made of any materials at hand, but don’t forget about hearts To make a heart from the rope, take the mold, wrap it with a rope and fill with adhesive. When the glue dries, the heart becomes hard. That’s such a beauty you can hang a chandelier, and a romantic mood will be provided.

How to make paper core model floats


Pretty three floats handmade models, simple and yet beautiful, love for the children by hand to DIY. . Ready reel spool, wire and wrapped with white paper were made tricycle Che Gulu and body, and then together. . Not very detailed steps require everyone to use their brains, oh. .

DIY Coffee bean clock

coffee bean clock 1

How to make coffee bean clock

hours, was born from a great love for coffee and chocolate 🙂
Thus, the coffee and the sweet tooth will need:

– Preparation hours under a coffee cup. My size is about 17 * 22 cm;

– Napkin in a coffee theme + brown or maroon monochrome napkin;

– Clockwork;

– Acrylic primer, varnish, paint brushes;

– Acrylic paint: white, brown;

– paper towels;

– polymer clay;

– Potal and glue Potali;

– satin ribbon;

– coffee beans;

– Melt;

– PVA glue;

– Foil.

I inspect the workpiece, looking for defects and fillings eliminate them. After drying the skin. On my billet was more master ordered 3 small holes on nizu- for greater beauty, decor

Then, in the course is the ground, I put or render it with a sponge. The soil dries very quickly, and check if everything is dry, skin in 20-30 minutes. The next step – applying acrylic paint with a sponge or sponge evenly in 1 or 2 layers with drying. The paint I take in DIY stores: waterborne acrylic for interior use. 0.8-1.0 kg buckets on long enough. On my watch, two coats of acrylic paint well dried and now akruratno, without fanaticism hides. We need a perfectly flat, smooth monotonous white surface. The skin initially the average grain size in the end, a smaller, more gentle I picked up a napkin here: solid coffee with a small inscription. My billet quarter cloth covers not fully, the handle on the big cup, I rep later.
I’ve found method allows to stick a napkin neatly, without folds or tears. The top layer of paint wipes placed face down on the file and poured a puddle of water. While the water is distributed on a napkin, dabbing her napkin neatly straighten slightly stretched it sideways. The fingertips are helping to do this quickly, but carefully.

Handmade Simply box

Simply box 1

 Opt fragment pattern and translate it on a sheet of paper.  Fun watching this sheet stapled to the box and translate drawing using carbon paper.  fun begins … I spread the tissue pattern threads. This fragment took 6 strands 20 cm long and 2 cm wide. The size of this pattern of 10×10. (Box of chocolates Raffaello) Work laborious, this fragment is laid out for an hour. And on the box exactly four such fragments. Here is a hand made!  Pattern pasted around.  Dyed black acrylic top and pochpokala sponge with gold. And here is the result!  And the last stage-lacquered of balonchika.  Well, just once more in the finished form. Cover does not become. Since it is not necessary school.