DIY: Valentine’s Day Rainbow Banner

This is a fun little rainbow banner for Valentine’s Day make with felt and string. Keep reading to see how to make it!

Required Material:

  • Squares of craft felt in rainbow colors
  • Bakers twine
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Heart cookie cutter
  • Batting
  • Pins
  • Start by tracing the heart shape onto a piece of felt folded in half

After it has been traced with chalk, pin the middle to keep both sides together.

Cut out your hearts. Keep the pins in. Set pinned hearts aside.

Do the same with the other rainbow colors.

Now sew both pieces together along the edge in a extra wide stitch with contrasting thread. You could also handstitch these. Leave 2 inches open to add the batting.

Stuff the batting into the heart and sew up the last inch.

Do the same with the other colors (I only ended up making one of each color as opposed to the two I had cut out).

Thread some bakers twine into a embroidery needle and poke through the top end of one, threading it through to the other side. Make sure to put the hearts on in rainbow order.

Keep adding to the thread until they’re all on.

Hope you like this Rainbow Banner tutorial.

Image Source: momtastic

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DIY: Glowing garland with balls of yarn

Glowing garland with balls of yarn 1

On the eve of the New Year, I would like to tell you how I make a garland with balls of yarn.

We do this usually with his son. He most likes to burst balloons after they glue dries.

Here is a garland presented to me in the new year my sister.

Materials we need:

– PVA glue, better than plain. I use this:

Garland. I buy them in Ikeja. The Chinese are not suitable as light bulbs on them very much, and a small distance between them. Well and reliability again. This garland on batteries. She has a huge advantage: you do not get attached to the outlet. It can be hung wherever you want; – balloons. The smallest that can buy. I buy them just a big package, it is cheaper. More to come  but pharmacies they have gone missing;

Thread should be cotton, or not impregnated with glue, and the design does not turn solid.

The thickness you choose to your liking. Remember you need only one thing: the thinner the yarn, the denser should be winding. With a thicker thread than Iris ball can be more filigree.

Everything has its little secrets. And for them, I’ll tell you.

Inflate balloons. We try to make them round.

In the future, when winding thread can be slightly adjusted form.

If you want to relieve yourself a little further their effort to extract from the finished balls burst balloons before they can be wound a little grease or vegetable oil or fat cream. But there is a BUT. Is wound in such a case, the thread will be more difficult, since they will slide over the ball. In general, with such a small amount of oil to put optional, but if you want to make a big ball, then this procedure, you can not avoid, because otherwise, it will necessarily when you pop the balloon.

We perform in a plastic container two holes thick needle.

There is also a nuance. The needle must not be much thicker filament. If the hole will be a very large, then the thread is too wet, the glue will flow down your arms. If the hole is too small, then the thread will be almost dry and the ball does not get strong.

Fill the glue in the container and begin to wind thread the beads. The winding should be dense, but too drag is not necessary because the ball will turn rough. Once dry the balls ready for several hours. The bigger, the better. Threads should not be just dry, but firm. If much can not wait, you can dry the hair dryer.

Then comes the long-awaited and most favorite moment! Bursting balls !!!

That’s what we’ve got: After that, everything is very simple. We put in the small gaps between the thread bulb garlands. For reliability can be secured with hot glue. Install the batteries and come up with your child a place for garlands!

Because of thread and glue, you can do a lot of interesting things. Shades and just beautiful things


How to make garland of plastic bottles


This interesting and beautiful decoration for the holiday can be built from conventional Christmas lights and plastic bottles.

Required Material:

  • Empty plastic bottle
  • Christmas garland
  • Scissors or knife
  • Stained glass paints or paint in cans.

Cut off the top of the bottle, the size depends on the desired size of the next flower. Make incisions from the bottle neck, their number depends on the number of petals. We round off the ends, giving them the shape of the petals. Paint colors for the desired color, you can experiment and make a two-tone or monochromatic colors.

While our flowers are dried, do cross-shaped cuts in the lid with a knife or scissors. Fix the cover on a garland. Screwed dried flowers to garland attached to the cover.

How to make beautiful garland of balloons

garland of balloons 1

We need balloons with a diameter of 20-25 cm (10 or 12 inches)

Inflate balloons.

It is necessary to calibrate the balls at the same size. To do this, we need to make the calibrator with the required dimensions garlands (we homemade particleboard shny calibrator defined sizes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 cm) Here is an example of manufacturing a garland of 25 cm. The calibrator can successfully replace any capacity (bucket, pot diameter require

Balls must be strictly calibrated by size. It is best to do the calibration on the long side of the ball – from head to tail.

Calibrated balls couples relate to each other

Better use of quality balls from Italy, Belgium, Colombia, Mexico and Portugal. Balls in China, unfortunately, are at a 50% defective. Quality balloons are made of natural rubber latex, thereby, tires easily stretched.

We need to get here are blank. An important point: floors must be clean, without shavings, sand and dirt. This photo shoot took place in extremely unfavorable conditions for the balls. Please take into account the remark about the purity of the surface, because It depends on the length of life of the balls

Twist resulting each other, in the end should turn out here is the link – the main components of garlands.

Like this.

To bind a garland, we need to prepare the rope. Suitable conventional underwear. Lesko and nylon thread used is undesirable because of the high probability of a cut latex pulling.

The end of the rope must be tied to anything.

Getting links from stringing balls on a rope. At the same time it is necessary to twist the rope between the balls, making one turn around each world.

Like this.

The next link is imposed against the first staggered. Thus we get a spiral pattern.

And since each other. It is important not to break the pattern sequence.

Like this.

Link by link are arranged in a beautiful garland.

Make a garland of the required length. When inflating balloons with a diameter of 20 cm to 1 meter garlands should be 7 to 4 units in the world. When inflating the balloons 25 cm respectively 6 units on 4 ball.

Street installation should preferably in calm weather by 2-3 assistants, trying to make mounting with less acute angles surfaces.

Remember, garland hung on the outside, live a lot less than the set indoors. During installation, it is desirable to have available spare balls in case of bursting of the ball in the chain.

Type of finished and assembled garlands